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2018 Is A Powerful 11 Master Year And Here’s What Numerology Has To Say About It

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by Conscious Reminder

Numerologically speaking, the year 2018 is indeed very special. This is because 2+0+1+8= 11. 11 signifies the power of divine energy. It strengthens leadership, gives inspiration and brings about new beginnings.

Just a couple of weeks into the New Year and we have already seen great catalysts for change when the women at the Golden Globes all came together and sported black in solidarity with each other.

Similarly, this year is very crucial for personal changes as well. It is the time when we reach inside ourselves and connect to the higher powers and our own intuition. We are more empowered than ever before to bring on great changes in our lives and those of others. 11 signifies a great shift, when the normative is no longer functional and it is brought on by reconnecting with the original source of our being.

A Doorway

Think of 2018 as a portal. When you walk through this portal you will be stepping over all your failures which you have conceived in your mind. Your insecurities, the what-ifs and it-is-too-late; whatever it is, when you have moved beyond these mental crutches, you’d be able to see a whole new world of potential. You will have to get over that little voice in your head which belittles you and limits you.

The Global Impact

We haven’t distanced ourselves enough from the complete chaos that 2017 was. Everything which we had always believed in was shaken to its core. Be it the political situation of the country, the impact on environment of our actions, the beliefs which we had held on dearly, all were stirred up violently, one way or the other. In a way it is a good thing because now we are more aware than before. We have seen for ourselves where we are lacking. Now that we are in 2018, the year of action, we can turn this awareness into action and work together to bring back some semblance of order to the chaos we ourselves have created. This change will be brought on at the individual level, at the level of the family and friendships as well as at global scale.

Yin and Yang

11 can yet be broken down to 2 but it is not. Instead it is denoted with 11/2 because it has twin forces working beneath its surface. 11 is the masculine energy, of action. 2 is the feminine energy which draws from intuition and sensitivity towards things. The two forces though opposite in nature, complete each other. Without the one, there can be no other.

And in this world where all old systems are slowly crumbling down, we need this dual force of energy to once again reign in the chaos. We will have to be aware of our surroundings and bring balance between the masculine and feminine within ourselves as well as the world. This balance is what the world needs. And to do that we will have to discard those dynamics which are no longer fruitful.

Individual Themes for the Master Year

Within the global context of the Master year, we also have our own personal themes which are determined by our birthdays. For example, if your birthday falls on 25 may, your theme would be 2+5+5+2+0+1+8= 23= 5.

Read on to know about the individual themes from your date of birth.

#1- Fresh beginnings and innovation.

#2- Better feeling of connectedness in relationships- personal as well as professional.

#3- Creativity, be it art, music, writing or any other.

#4- Building something new, organising to get things done.

#5- Traveling and having fun.

#6- Emotional matters, of family and relationships.

#7- Connection to the divine.

#8- Leaderships and achieving your dreams.

#9- Letting go of the old, transformation.

#11/2- Inspiration, for self and for others.

#22/4- Teamwork and creating milestones with your companions.

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