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Winter Solstice Coincides With Full Moon & Meteor Shower 21st/22nd December Giving Us A Majestic Astronomical Show

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by Conscious Reminder

Do you belong to the group of a few people who actually believe that 2018 was a boring year? If you belong, welcome to one of the most marvelous and magical, as well as spectacular events of this year.

On the 22nd of December, there will be something completely rare, as well as dramatic happening. The Vortex of extraordinary powers will open, and in that way it will affect the Material Realm in some ways which cannot be predicted easily.

Because of that, it is also going to attract entities coming from our Spirit World, which are powerful ones, and even Earth, as well as Fire entities, because of the solstice’s polarity, that is soon going to manifest significant events. However, you should take it slow so you will fully comprehend the powers of the fantastic night and day.

The night on the 22nd of December, 2018.

This night is definitely going to be one to remember. It will be a magical one that is only going to repeat after 70 years, which means in the year 2094. Just in a couple of hours, there is going to be an unusual phenomenon which is going to occur in this Realm, and which will also shake the reality just like we actually know it. Here is why:

In the same night of the December solstice – 21st to 22nd December – the Sun is going to come in the sign of Capricorn, which will make the shortest day of this year for those in the Northern Hemisphere and also the longest day of the year for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

So, tonight, it will be the most significant night of this year. It was called the Nameless Day by the Druids. According to the Druids, this is the day in which every single thing is possible. It is a day of limitless magic powers. It is also called the ‘Feast of Potentials’ because it is that on this day, wishes are just like some seeds in the fertile soil.

∼This night is not just going to be an excellent chance for witches as of the solstice’s powers, but it is also going to co-occur with the Full Cold Moon.

The Full Cold Moon happens in the sign of Cancer, which is the home of our moon, in which the Lunar Goddess is shining her full potential. So, at the time of being in the sign of Cancer, the beliefs of astrologers are that Artemis rejoices in the sign of the Zodiac which is her favorite. Furthermore, this lunar cycle occurring in the sign of Cancer is also thought to be the most potent one of all.

Moreover, there is going to be a spectacular meteor shower, the so-called Ursids, which is going to contribute to the magic of the solstice, with additional star power. In fact, it is not only another such meteor shower because the shooting stars are going to look like they are being dropped from the ‘Northern Star,’ the one which is also called Polaris, from the Ursa Minor.

This star is actually a fixed one which is believed to be a signal of death. Its powers are utilized by witches in order to bring changes, as well as surpass every obstacle.

How can you utilize the longest night’s powers?

In order to utilize the amazing powers of this night perfectly, you can perform a lot of different things. Here, we will present you those that are considered quite interesting which you may try:

  • Use a purification spell that is going to help you in banishing the negativity, as well as sadness from life;
  • If you actually feel exhausted of this year, summon the sacred Phoenix to rebirth from the ashes;
  • Another spell you can also perform is the success one, to have a marvelous solar year;
  • Furthermore, you can also evoke Apollo, who is the god of the Sun, Healing, and Arts;
  • In order to empower the rituals, you can collect essential herbs;
  • You can also set up the altar in order to celebrate and honor the powers of the longest night;
  • In the end, you can also cast Star Magic spells so to enter in the power of the meteor shower.

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