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3 Energetic Blockages That Can Lead To Physical Heart Pain

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder 

You don’t need any superpower to regulate your energy fields. All you need is to take care of how you process and express your emotions at this moment.

Suppressing your emotions can cause more physical complications than caffeine. It’s known that stress and anxiety can have consequences like stroke, heart attacks and hypertension, and medical science has linked 90% of all diseases to stress as a direct cause or a catalyst.

So, we are going to have clearer ideas about some of the major reasons of stress, the impact of stress on a spiritual level, and how to deal with it. But as a responsible reader, you have to understand, that this is not an alternative to medicines when it comes to physical problems.

Take your medicines, but often the intuitive mind already knows when the logical mind is still thinking and rethinking. We wish you emotional, spiritual as well as physical good health. Here are the 3 most common energetic blockages:

Suppressing emotions

Pretending things don’t matter when they do only makes it more difficult to address to the problem. If you suppress and dismiss emotions as irrelevant, they’ll only affect you in the long run.

Letting go of emotions and learning from them on the other hand, is a sign of maturity and it enhances spiritual awareness of the self. Embrace your emotions, rather than running away from it, because they make you who you are.

Feel and analyze your true emotions and trace the cause of them rather than burying them. It can cause physical as well as psychological illness in turn, which would lead to anxiety, stress and heart diseases.

Not communicating

When you don’t say what you mean, the unspoken words will cause tension within your body and affect your chakras. Stress and tension in the body puts more stress on your heart. Release all your thoughts by proper communication, especially the ones that are prone to get you anxious.

Always speak your mind, and own what you say. When you don’t say what you mean, you are actually lying to the other person, to yourself, and running away from the situation by being indifferent towards resolving it. Say what you mean, but be humble at the same. Do not exaggerate the truth but allow yourself to communicate what you feel.

Not forgiving

Not communicating for a long time, in turn, leads to not forgiving. Heart is the emotional and energetic center of your body. Find a way to vent any sense of hatred you have suppressed within yourself. You haven’t forgotten past events, and you don’t know how much they affect you until the weight of its release. Maybe it’s a betrayal in love or a brawl in high school that you haven’t been able to forget.

The best way to deal with it is to forgive and forget. Find some strength within yourself to bypass your ego and forgive the wrongful.

Stay away from all these negative energy, and analyze your mental situation to lead a stress-free, peaceful life.

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