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Negative Energetic Ties Transcend Boundaries Of Physical Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Since it has been established that no one can go through a single life, let alone multiple ones, without forming spiritual/entity connections, it is also natural that not all of these connection or ties would be good in nature.

There might also be negative ties, to people and/or spirits that you are or have been in a disagreement with and these ties to transcend the boundaries of reincarnations.

The Negative Entity Attachment

Any attachment which you have formed with any person or spirit in any life has a fair chance of turning into a negative one. They need not even be negative from the start. Any attachment can, over time turn into negative if there remains unresolved issues, when one or both the party hoards grudges or feels that they have been cheated.

Unless the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of both the parties the attachment continues to be negative and will remain so in subsequent lives, even though on or both the parties no longer retain a physical form.

This becomes even more complicated if you feel similar situation in a future life. Even though the person may not be present then, their negative attachment makes your current situation questionable as well. The energy within you senses the negativity and turns in on itself and becomes negative as well.

So now you effectively have a negative attachment with yourself. And this would also in turn presenting you as one of the negative energy tie to the other person, even if they might not even be around you in this lifetime.

In such cases of negative entity attachments, it is required to resolve the individual issues of the people informed. But this is not where the work is finished. The person then has to address the situation itself which gives rise to negative feeling.

And all of this has to be done in a way that none of the party feels cheated or short changed. It is very crucial to break the cycle of that particular instance creating negative attachments in subsequent lives.

There are exercises which aim at the formation of entity attachments and the formation of ties. Mastering them would help one have a certain extent of control over the formation of new entity ties and the regulations of the old ones.

One important thing about attachments and negative entities: Though it is true that you form a tie with everyone that you come in contact with, but there is one exception to this rule. Spirits or people who are vicious in nature and find pleasure in tormenting and troubling others- for instance, bullies, do not form energy relations with the people they encounter.

You will not form a negative tie with a bully just because you interacted with them when they targeted you with their harassing. As long as you can forget it entirely and move on without letting it affect you, you are good to go.

However, if you start fearing them or making changes in your life because of them, then sadly you’ve formed a negative tie.

Art by: Bella Kotak 

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