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The Significance Of The April 2022 Mars — Saturn Conjunction

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by Conscious Reminder

In the present month of 2022, Mars would be in conjunction with Saturn at 22 degrees of Aquarius.

Although the energy will solidify and coalesce on April 4th, the aftereffects would be felt throughout the month. In the field of Astrology, when two or more bodies merge, it is referred to as conjunction.

In order to truly comprehend the energies at play, we first need to understand the individual characteristics that both of these planets possess. 

The Mars-Saturn Conjunct Will Teach Us To Be Accountable

For the uninformed, Mars is usually considered to be the planet of motivation and action. It is epitomized by the warrior that loves to reach ahead for their goals and ambitions. Mars can be quite hasty- it wants to be done with things at the earliest, and can often be guided by its impulses. 

But on a far deeper level, Mars is the planet that we go to, to overcome our fears. It allows us to come out of the cage that we have built for ourselves- and directly step into our bodies.

Taking a leap of faith while letting go of our trepidations can be one of the motifs of this planet. It might not be ascertained that we would be on the rise- but Mars won’t let us fall. 

Saturn, on the other hand, is the planet that places restrictions and boundaries. It asks us to take responsibility for our deeds- which would allow us to move from a place that is beset with integrity and groundedness.

Since Saturn presides over individual karma, it also asks us to sit through everything that life tries to teach us- even though it might be uncomfortable- because it would help us learn and truly evolve as a species. 

The planet can often be a taskmaster- asking us to keep doing our work even when we are surrounded by trouble. Some of us might give up but if we don’t, we would be able to reap our rewards.

Since the planet is also the ruler of governance, law, and order, it wants us to honor our traditions as well as keep tried and tested establishments intact. 

The Significance Of Them Coming Together

Now, how do they fare when they are in conjunction? Well, Mars is all about bringing out the big guns and getting in on the action. On the other hand, Saturn wants us to start being responsible for the actions that we lead, intentional or otherwise.

Therefore, when the two planets are in motion, it can often lead to a crisis. Mars would ask us to run riot while Saturn would ask us to start taking responsibility for the actions that we caused. This can result in our energy levels getting reduced if we do too much of the same thing.

If we find something in our lives that deserves our attention but hasn’t been receiving it, the conjunction would force us to stop and start taking control of it. While we would want nothing more than to simply let time take its own course and solve the unsolvable, it would be prudent for us to take responsibility for it- for the planets will make us aware of the situation. 

At the same time, if you think you have been jumping the gun in certain situations where a certain dexterity would be preferable, or if you are doing something that you shouldn’t, the planets will ask us to start fixing the situation. In certain circumstances, we might also have to deal with the consequences. 

On the positive end of the spectrum, the conjunction between Mars and Saturn will allow us to start putting our ideas on the correct track. This will not only help us develop our ideas, but we also won’t find ourselves embroiled in doubt. 

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