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Tonight’s Pink Supermoon Is The Biggest And Brightest Of 2020: Big Changes Coming

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The world around us, and the one within, are both going through many changes. Radical shift it’s being put into motion and we are all going to feel its potency.

As the Pink Supermoon rises tonight, it asks us to seek balance. It asks us to not only nourish our inner equilibrium but also to connect with the collective consciousness of the Universe.

The Universe has its own ways of working, and often, what we perceive to be chaos has something good beneath it. The current situation can be taken as an example. The ongoing pandemic has caused unprecedented horror and panic all around.

We have not experienced such a tragedy in decades. But even in such dark times, humanity has shown time and again how it can remain united. From their rooms, everyone has taken the help of technology to be there for the next person.

As this chain forms and positivity flows through it, every single person is touched by that positive energy. Hopefully, this divine frequency can help us heal faster. Not only have we united with the rest of humanity, but we are also learning to practice gratitude.

We are appreciating the family with whom we are getting to spend so much time, and we are also grateful for the thousands of workers manning the frontlines in this battle.

Libra Supermoon Brings Enlightenment

At 10:35 pm ET tonight, a magical Full Supermoon will rise in the sign of Libra. This lunation is going to be the biggest Supermoon of the year, and we can’t wait to witness it! 

The Moon will channelize the energy of this cardinal sign now. Libra’s Venusian charms will surely add to the Full Moon’s beauty. But Libra also stands for equal opportunity and social justice.

Another very important aspect of this cardinal sign is that of balance. The whole world seeks balance, and Full Moons are also associated with balance. When the Moon reaches its peak, it is posited directly opposite to our Sun. Together they represent the divine feminine and sacred masculine, balancing the world around us.

April Supermoon: Spiritual Meaning

While a sense of balance and equality rules this luminary, a potent Jupiter-Pluto conjunction further adds to the Moon’s powers. Pluto is all about catharsis, karma, and transformation, and Jupiter rules expansion, abundance, and faith. Together in Capricorn, these planets are here to remind us of the circle of life.

Capricorn is not really Jupiter’s favorite, and Pluto’s shadow adds to its distress. But when they all combine under the Libra’s Supermoon tonight, with the Sun in Aries, hopeful inspiration will flow. Aries’ courage and Libra’s quest for love and peace will now tell us there’s nothing we should be afraid of under the Full Moon.

Mars, Saturn, and Venus are also in harmony with each other. They will guide us to find structure in our relationships, and be more disciplined with our finances. They will urge us to stand up for what we believe in, and that includes our own selves.  

So, let’s enjoy this beautiful lunation tonight! Hopefully, this Supermoon will bring some positive vibes for all!

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