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Tonight, Expect A Rare Leo Black New Moon: Your Love Life May Bloom Or Face Doom

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by Conscious Reminder

The Leo New Moon is going to take place on the 31st of July. While there are 12 New Moons that take place throughout the year, this one is special.

It is the second New Moon in the month, also known as the Black Super Moon, and can lead to new beginnings in your relationship.

We know it’s been tough, the entire week, but don’t start planning for a barbecue already. There is still some time for that.

The New Moon will take place in Leo, so you might as well shove in all the fun you can before the summer ends, but still, you might want to take a short break.

Here’s what you should expect:

What Does It Mean For You

The presence of the New Moon in Leo is going to stir you up quite a bit. And not all of it in a bad way.

You will get this urge to go out, celebrate, hop from one rave party to the other, all in a desire to get the best out of the summer. And why shouldn’t you?

Leo is going to ensure that you know how to express yourself without any apologies whatsoever. You would speak your mind out, and may also indulge yourself in sudden trips down to wherever your mind seeks.

You will also feel the need for self-care, as your self-esteem is going to take a big hit towards the top. You can visit a stylist and get a new hairdo. Or maybe a new wardrobe. You deserve it.

This could also be the effect of Venus in Leo that will allow you to live and feel like a queen. You might want to indulge in random shopping sprees while preening yourself before a mirror. And you should, for you are beautiful.

But not all the effects of Venus are going to be so positive. You might also feel extremely sensitive about your relationship, enough that it might snap at a moment’s notice.

So, don’t strain yourself thinking about why they didn’t notice the new shirt you are wearing, because it isn’t really you talking, it is the effect of Venus.

Although Aquarius and Leo would get the full brunt of it, every other zodiac too would get affected by this Leo New Moon.

What Does It Spell For The Rest Of The Year

Although Leo equates fun, and the New Moon doubles it, this should also be a time to do some deep thinking. Don’t simply engage in mindless activities; engage your brain too.

Nevertheless, this is going to be big for you. You might feel the need to change your job because that just didn’t cut it, or maybe go on that dream tour you have always imagined.

Whatever be the case, this energy is going to be amazing. And you should find ways to embrace it.

The Next New Moon

The next New Moon would be on the 30th of August, in Virgo. This means that you would feel the need to start organizing your mental state, and your life at the same time and bring them to order.

But for the time being, simply enjoy as Leo brings in great things for you.

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