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The Truth About Ophiuchus: The 13th Zodiac Sign

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by Lindsay Morris

Astrology and horoscope using the zodiac signs have been around for ages, but recently astronomers have declared the presence of a 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus.

Well, does that mean that your zodiac sign has changed? Uh! No, off course not! The fact is that Ophiuchus is a constellation and there are many more, so does that mean we take into account all the constellations and create a zodiac sign list that leaves everyone confused?

This is a battle, which has been going on for ages, where astrologers and astronomers have been fighting to get a say over zodiac signs and predictions about the future. As New Year approaches, we get more and more hooked to know what the upcoming days have in store for us. We generally look for predictions based on the 12 Sun Signs as per tradition. Is it time to change that? Does Ophiuchus make it all go topsy-turvy? Well, astrologically speaking, No! Wondering why? Read on.


Ophiuchus is a constellation, which has been able to light a spark to the ongoing battle. It is believed that there are 88 modern constellations that have been discovered. So, do you want to increase the zodiac signs to a 100 instead of 12?

NASA is only interested in astronomy and does want to think about zodiac signs and future predictions. Why should this constellation get any more importance than the other 87? There is no logical explanation, as to why the Ophiuchus should be added to the zodiac signs list.


If you look up, you will find that there are two branches of zodiac signs.

  • Tropical Zodiac
  • Sidereal Zodiac

The two systems are dependent on two completely different concepts and this is where the confusion or myth started from. These differ in certain ways from each other, here is how:

—Tropical Zodiac:

In modern Western Astrology, zodiac signs are based on seasons and not the constellations. The event of Vernal Equinox (when sun crosses the equator heading north), marks the Sun’s movement as it reaches the beginning of Aries. This is the belief of the Tropical Zodiac System. Just remember that Tropical Zodiac System has nothing to do with constellations.

— Sidereal Zodiac:

In the Eastern System of Astrology, the zero point of Aries is supposedly closer in alignment to stars and constellations. This is known as the Sidereal Zodiac System. According to this system, when the Sun is at the zero point of Aries, it is also at the same spot against the fixed stars, in space. This is one of the reasons that Ophiuchus, a constellation has been named, by a few, as the 13th Zodiac sign.

This shows where the basic concepts differ. The difference of traditional with sidereal is the fact that for traditional there is a huge gap between the zodiac signs and the constellations.


The latest hype about the constellation, Ophiuchus, started when Parke Kunkle, an astronomy professor of the Minneapolis Community and Technical College announced the discovery of Ophiuchus. The media took it from there and named it the “13th Zodiac Sign”. Well, this is not the truth!

The truth is that Zodiac signs depend on the four seasons and not the constellations. Ophiuchus is the largest modern constellation, so how can it be a zodiac sign? Each sign depends on the four seasons with a beginning, middle and the end. All of this adds up to the 12 Zodiac signs, leaving no space for the 13th Ophiuchus.

So, the discovery of Ophiuchus will not affect your zodiac sign in anyway. If you were a Leo, you will always be a Leo, even after the discovery of Ophiuchus.


No, it does not mean that! Some astrologers might try to fit it in the sidereal zodiac system, as the constellations have a say in it, but, in reality, there are 12 zodiac signs for all.

Astrology is like a lens, which can be used to define our traits and perhaps the future. Keep looking for answers, but there has been and will continue to be (at least till some new controversy does not erupt) 12 Zodiac signs. The fame that Ophiuchus gets is for the fact that it is the largest modern constellation.

Meta: The Truth About Ophiucus: The 13th Zodiac Sign, proves that, Ophiucus is not the 13th Zodiac as zodiac signs are based on seasons and not constellations.

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