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Sun Trine Uranus & Mercury/Jupiter

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by Conscious Reminder

Following a rather quiet cosmos in these two weeks of December, the trine of the Sun to the planet Uranus will kick off as an action-packed solstice weekend. Of course, this Full Moon is about to fall in the tropical sign of Cancer.

Before entering in Capricorn, the Sun makes its trine to the planet Uranus in the sign of Aries. In combination with the conjunction of Mercury with the planet Jupiter, occurring today, on the 21st of December, the vibes that seek freedoms will be quite powerful.

The Sun making its trine to Uranus is going to help people make a small break with their daily routines, or also add excitement to it. With this trine stimulating the conduit of this fire sign, this flow of enthusiasm and passion will leap right before the beginning of the season of Capricorn.

This trine is also going to invite people to try new and different things, to experiment or even to make changes in their everyday habits and routines.

In this waxing cycle of the moon, people have to anticipate not just a quickening of some events, but they should also expect the unexpected emergence of sudden variables.

During this period, the planet Uranus has the ability to throw people off of their usual tangents, and that can actually be a welcoming distraction prior to a more sobering Sun through the sign of Capricorn cycle.

However, people will have to take a look on their projects which they have right now, or also to their commitments, as well as situations in the process of development, and notice what type of changes may occur without any overhaul.

The third conjunction of the planet Mercury with the planet Jupiter of 2018 exacts on this solstice, so some communicative openings, bold ideas, as well as ease of exchange or commerce are going to flow the following few days.

Moreover, the conjunction of the two planets in the sign of Sagittarius will be a wide boost of augmentation of perception, as well as optimism. There will also be a risk of excavating some fundamental details for the brighter picture.

People should try their best in order to be on a task and not let extreme idealism to lead them astray.

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