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Today’s Powerful Aquarius New Moon Is All About Unexpected Transformation

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by Conscious Reminder

2020’s first New Moon is going to rise at 21:41 UT on 24th January, at 4°Aquarius. As the Sun and Moon meet in this zodiac, Aquarius is set to influence the Moon heavily.

Occurring in the 11th house, this New Moon will set about changes and new beginnings which will play out throughout the year.

Aquarius is associated with technology, progress, modernization, and change. This influences many new beginnings, both in personal and social spheres. The whole wide world is preparing for change and new beginnings, be it your friend circle or governments of multiple countries.

Aquarius will be controlling many planets throughout the year and this is just the trailer. Mercury is going to spend a part of its Retrograde in Aquarius while Saturn will be staying in this sign from March till July. Jupiter also enters Aquarius along with Saturn on 21st December- the Winter Solstice day.

The Sun has recently shifted to Aquarius but we are still heaving under the energy of Capricorn. This New Aquarius Moon is encouraging us to think of the future. The decisions we make now will have its impact on our future so why not spend some time thinking about those consequences and how they might shape your life?

This New Moon is squaring Aquarius’ ruler Uranus. This is the jarring wakeup call most of us have been trying to avoid. It is going all out now and forcing us to wake up from our slumber. A new dawn is upon us and we now must be prepared.

The things we will be working towards, now under the influence of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, will pave the way for the future. This is the time to demolish the old in order to make space for the new.

With the presence of Uranus, we need to be very keen and careful. We have to look out for the curve balls it may throw our way in order to help us grow. Uranus is looking out for our security and future but it tends to shock us in order to guide us.

Flexibility is the only thing that can help us survive these changes. While our surroundings keep changing, our core values can keep us centered. Most of us will be experiencing mild anxiety and the want to be free.

We may be making new connections- by making new friends or joining humanitarian causes. This is also a good time to embrace the nerd within. Aquarius encourages us to express our “weird” side and be unique. So stop thinking about how society will judge you and just be yourself.

The Aquarius New Moon’s in sextile with Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron itself is moving between Uranus and Saturn now, forming a connection between the old and the new worlds.

Being half man and half horse, Chiron is also here to teach us to live harmoniously with the animal world. As we are accelerating towards a future driven by technology, Chiron is the reminder for us to hold on to our humanity.

The Chiron-Black Moon Lilith conjunction will help us heal from the things haunting us. We will be healing our connection with the Divine Feminine and reclaim the once-demonized.

All these signs indicate that we better be prepared for the many changes coming our way. Heal yourself, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Educate yourself in order to better contribute to your society. Make room for self-expression and try to be sympathetic, not only to others but also to yourself.

The Sabian symbol of a New Moon is that of a council of ancestors implementing the efforts of their young leader. This indicates how we all must work together, irrespective of the differences in age, generations, and wisdom.

We need to unite for the common good now. Our ancestors have gathered much wisdom from their experiences and they are trying to impart those to us. But we must remember to balance their wisdom with our new ideas.

We must not follow the ancestors but try to experiment and find alternatives that work. We need to build on the knowledge of the elders but we must also put in our own experiences and wisdom.

The New Moon brings great new changes, even if the situations seem chaotic. Flexibility and honesty will see you through this time.

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