This Week The Black Moon Will Make The Sky Perfectly Dark To Witness Some Amazing Shooting Stars

by Conscious Reminder

For the upcoming 10 days, you will find at least 3 showers of meteors with a brief glimpse of our Milky Way.

To add icing to the cake, the sky would be completely black because of the Super Black New Moon. A good old movie being played on the sky, wouldn’t that be great?

Although the real beauty will reign over South America, including the magnificent Solar Eclipse, it would be wrong to say the nearby countries or islands wouldn’t be a part of it.

Keep in mind that the American continent would face the New Moon on July 31st, while the rest of the world would face it on August 1st.

After that comes the Perseids Shower, which is the result of swift-moving debris, broken apart from the Swift-Tuttle comet, that is going to ascend on 12th August.

Interestingly, if one were to tail a comet back all the way to its source, one would be able to identify the constellation these comets belong to.

This particular shower originates at the constellation Perseus. These showers are for easy viewing every single year.

Yet, it might be a bit tough to watch this year, for the First Quarter of the Moon would light up the sky in a bad way.

Try to see some of the shooting stars by August 6th, when the Moon wouldn’t be as bright. For that, you need to look towards the North East, because that’s where the Perseids constellation exists.

The optimum thing would be to find a dimly lit place, like a park.

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