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Powerful Astrological Retrograde Period June — August 2018: Everything Is Slowing Down

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by Conscious Reminder

A year of growth and development, 2018, brings opportunities for all to solidify their dreams and goals. The Universe is ready to help us out in our journeys, to restore balance and harmony.

However this June prepare yourselves for some changes as the Universe sends out the message to halt and ponder.

June 26th to August 27th marks the retrograde period involving six planets- Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Mercury. It will reduce the pace of progress.

The energy in this period compels us to pause and reflect on our lives and decisions. It suggests concentrating on the task at hand rather than chasing new things.

The planets seem to be working inwards, heightening their energies and activating the subconscious. At the end of the session, we can figure out the steps we need to take to make an organized progress.

The cosmic energy forces us to take a step back and think about our actions, past and values. During this period, each planet reacts differently and therefore it’s important to understand the differences.

Mars (26 June – 27 August)

Mars enters retrograde period every 1.5 years and hence it impacts us strongly. Retrograding through signs Aquarius and Capricorn, Mars will make us really introspect and analyze our actions.

Saturn (18 April – 6 September)

Saturn will help us to focus our energies on what we want in life and our limits. Prevailing for half a year, we can slowly get used to its effects. It will motivate us to be responsible and active for our dreams. Look through the past to find your way in the future.

Neptune (18 June – 25 November)

Similar to Saturn, Neptune is in retrograde phase for half a year and so it doesn’t affect us too strongly. Retrograding in Pisces, it connects us to spirituality. This period will clear your conflicts and doubts and increase your understanding of your spirituality. It will help you connect to your inner self.

Jupiter (9 March – 10 July)

Retrograding through Scorpio, this phase will compel us to focus on causes and concerns that are universal and global in nature and therefore affects everyone on a larger scale. Some major concerns like gender equality and problems of sexuality will be brought to attention. It also brings us to focus on the points in life that we need to analyze in order to attain our life goals and reach our dream place in life.

Pluto (22 April – 2 October)

Also in retrograde for almost the entire year; the effects are not very strong. Retrograding through Capricorn, it will make us explore secrets and hidden knowledge that we had stuffed to the back of our mind. This phase concerns mostly death and rebirth. You will attain new knowledge.

Mercury (26 July- 19 August)

Retrograding occasionally through the year, this time it will be more intense than usual. Moving through Leo, it will push us to be creative and experimenting. It will help you to let go of inhibitions and let your thoughts free.

Uranus (7 August – 6 January, 2019)

Moves through signs Taurus and Aries, it will help us gather all our experiences and organize them to make a new beginning. It’s a time for some concluding lessons to help you move on to the next chapter.

All these changes and movements will affect us to take better decisions in life and analyze where we went wrong before or what more we should be doing to succeed. Venus will also retrograde from October 5 to 16 November.

Retrograde dates:


  • Jupiter Retrograde
  • Saturn retrograde
  • Neptune retrograde
  • Pluto retrograde
  • Mars retrograde


  • Mars retrograde
  • Jupiter retrograde
  • Saturn retrograde
  • Neptune retrograde
  • Pluto retrograde
  • Mercury retrograde


  • Mars retrograde
  • Uranus retrograde
  • Saturn retrograde
  • Neptune retrograde
  • Pluto retrograde
  • Mercury retrograde

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