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Most Powerful Astrological Events In January 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

As we head into a brand new year, there is excitement about a fresh beginning.

The cosmos will not waste any time in kicking things off, as the entire January will be packed with planetary interactions. The very first will be the ongoing Venus Retrograde.

But it won’t be exactly smooth sailing because of the tons of energy from Capricorn. In the middle of the month, Mercury will also be going retrograde.

Here is the astrological overview for January 2022:

The New Moon For The New Year & Capricorn Vibes

The starting 3 weeks of 2022 will be dominated by the Capricorn season. This means that the focus will be on hard work and laying some solid foundations towards our goals.

Alongside it is the Venus retrograde happening in Capricorn. It will be amplifying the vibes that are asking to stay firmly rooted on the ground.

On January 2, 2022’s first new moon will take place marking the height of Capricorn energy. The moon and the sun will be forming a fortunate trine with unpredictable Uranus. It will be the perfect time for focusing and manifesting our tangible needs.

Capricorn season will end on January 19th. However, on January 24th, Mars will enter Capricorn. This will make us particularly efficient and organized when it comes to approaching our goals.

The First Mercury Retrograde Of 2022

On January 1st, the planet of communication will enter airy Aquarius, making us focus on communication among friends and unconventional thinking. However, on January 14th, all that forward-flowing energy will halt as the planet goes retrograde. This period will be more suitable for reassessing our present decisions’ stability.

January 17th’s Full Moon

With a lot of planets clustered together in Capricorn and Aquarius, the Cancer Full Moon of the month will be refreshingly cathartic. However, that does not mean it won’t be intense. Its opposition with Pluto can mean bringing about crisis points and deep revelations when it comes to emotions. But, it will also be a potent time for letting the past go.

The Lunar Nodes Will Shift

On January 18th, the South and North Nodes (aka Nodes of Destiny or the Lunar Nodes) will be switching signs and entering Taurus and Scorpio respectively. This switch is the first since 2020. In these signs, we will be taught how to stop hankering for control and power while finding comfort in our values.

Aquarius Season Begins

On January 19th, the Sun is exiting work-oriented Capricorn and entering the quirky Aquarius. There, it will join serious Saturn and mental Mercury. It will be the official beginning of the 2022 Aquarius Season. It usually feels like a gust of fresh wind from the zodiacs.

The forward-thinking Aquarius energy of the season will let us give an unconventional twist to our practical plans from Capricorn season. It will also encourage us to be more engaging with friends and communities, despite Mercury retrograde’s attempt to soil our social life.

Venus & Uranus Retrograde Ends

On January 18th, Uranus retrograde will end after 5 long months. The change in direction will push us towards unexpected shifts and change, collectively, On January 29th, Venus retrograde will end. This means we will finally be able to charge full steam ahead regarding beauty, money, and romance.

A “Black Moon” That Might Happen

We say it might because it depends on your time zone. If you follow PT, then the year’s 2nd new moon will rise during January’s dying hours. When another new moon occurs in the same calendar month, it is called a “black moon”.It will occur in Aquarius on January 31st, 9:46 PM PT/ February 1st, 12:46 AM ET. Wherever you may be, this will be a great time for setting some hopeful intentions.

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