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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day This Year

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by Conscious Reminder

If you still have not seen all those explosions of pink and red heart-shaped balloons and glamorous and beautiful bouquets around stores in your country, it is all about the coming of Valentine’s Day.

Whether you will spend this day with a date or you are going to fly solo and look for a new match, we know that every one of your dreams about love-filled and romantic Valentine’s Day.

However, it’s everything written up in the stars? Maybe it is, but it actually depends on which sign of the Zodiac are you.

The powerful astrology related to the 14th of February, 2019 says many things you can expect – however, there are definitely several signs that are going to be blessed, which means they will have an additionally-romantic and sweet cosmic sparkle in 2019.

But, which astrological factors will be at play during Valentine’s Day? According to an astrologer, regardless of your sign, the 14th of February will always put you in the love mood.

Venus, the planet of marriage and love is going to be in the sign of Capricorn, while the planet Mars, the one of sex and passion, is going to be in the sign of Taurus.

Both these signs are earth ones, and they mix beautifully together as they are said to be solid building strong foundations for permanently.

This actually means that regardless of your sign in the Zodiac, you are going to feel the need to build a relationship that has the longevity to it.

During this period, you can even find yourself leaning into the rationality your emotions. However, this does not mean that passionate romance is not destined, particularly for several sun signs.

Every one of us is going to be engaged in the new age level of courtship. But, as the starts are excellently arranged, several signs will have much better luck than others, when it comes to the love department during Valentine’s Day.

Here are the three lucky signs of the Zodiac that are going to have the best Valentine’s Day:


From all the other signs, people born under the sign of Taurus are going to be the sexiest and hottest ones.

This 14th of February will definitely be an excellent time for these people to indulge themselves in all their earthly and pleasures ruled by the planet Venus, as their loving romance vibes will be off the chart. The planet Mars will enter in their sign and then light everything related with them on fire.

People in this sign can ask out someone sexy or set up a particular date to meet him or her. They should set their eyes on their prize during this period and do not settle unless they, together with their partner, don’t reach ecstasy for the third, fourth or fifteenth time.


People born under this sign should prepare to feel lucky. Our Moon is going to glide through their House of Marriage, Partnership and Commitment during Valentine’s Day, meaning that they are going to feel the urge to meet a special person.

Regardless of the fact if they look for a new person or already have their lover, they are definitely going to want to connect. And they will, for sure!

The planet of good luck, Jupiter, will ride through their sign during most of this year, which means that luck will be on their side most of the time. Because of this, they should not think twice regarding taking risks for love.


People born under this sign should leave their pragmatism and rationalizing at their door, as they will be in for an excellent and wild 14th of February.

They will feel prepared to grab sex and love by the horns. Venus, the planet of marriage, beauty, and love, is going to glide through their sign and bring them a momentous magnetism.

Moreover, Mars, the planet of passion and sex, is going to fire up their love sector during Valentine’s Day. This means that these people are fortunate regarding the romantic department.

They can expect to feel more passionate, emotion-driven and romantic than often. However, they should follow their passion and reap all the benefits of Valentine’s Day, 2019.

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