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Celebrating Every Body Type – Don’t Let Social Media Dictate What’s Acceptable

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You might be following many social media influencers on Instagram and Facebook. Generally, we tend to follow people we like and people whom we admire.

But somehow, while we may want to aspire towards a happy life, we end up following certain people, who, unconsciously, bring a bit of toxicity in our lives. And that is through their body image.

Body images have been made important in our current world. Before, it was the media that exposed us to such ‘perfect’ body types that only made us feel terrible about our own bodies. It all looked so flawless.

But now, due to the presence of photoshop and different editing software, the ‘media’ has shifted to Instagram and Facebook. And so, you may have come across repeated photos of a ‘perfect’ figures. Flawless figures.

Maybe for the first few ones, you admire them, but after repeated exposure, you end up comparing yourself with them. The more you compare, the worse you feel about your own body.
You feel like this is the body which is likable by society – accepted by them. In your mind, you end up discriminating yourself and feeling like you are not worth it. Just because you are being shown something that is so flawless.

But we are all flawed. Nobody, no one, is perfect. We should create a society where we can celebrate all kinds of body – big and small, tall or short. It is generally very hard for us to love ourselves, but when we bring the images of social media in that equation, things become so much worse.

Remember stretch marks and cellulite is perfectly normal. Thighs can be thick and stomach fat can roll over at the sides. And all that is perfectly fine. They are normal.

We should start to embrace ourselves – our flaws and our wrongs. If you think you are insecure about how you look, then find a way in which you can be represented perfectly.

Embrace your flaws – they are YOU. Embrace what makes you different that others. Be in love with yourself. Celebrate your body – it requires your love – not your criticism.

Start by unfollowing the pages that make you feel worse about your body. Embrace differences. If you want, follow pages of curvy or plus-size models.

Find your kind of representation. Follow the pages that will make you feel good about who you are. Do not let your social media feed become toxic.

Remember, you are not the clothes’ label that you see. And do not allow a shallow person tell you how you should look.

Be you. Be beautiful.

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