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Women Retain DNA From Every Man They Have Been Intimate With

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sounds insane, but it is true. Do not take only our word for it, because this stuff has been shown by a study conducted in the University of Seattle. Now, this is a major game changer, how, you ask?

It looks like casual s*x might not be so casual after all.

The study elaborates on how a woman’s brain receives information and from the man when engaging in sexual activity.

It so happens that there is an exchange of DNA strands and this does not only happen in case of humans, but animals too. All living beings alike.

The findings of the study can be summed up easily, the scientists found male DNA in women’s brains, and the percentage of women found to have them, that too spread around the brain is staggering, a whopping 63%.

Now, this might not only happen due to s*x. A number of reasons can be responsible for this.

Further study revealed that male DNA had three sources to gain entrance into a woman’s brain- an abortion that the woman might have been oblivious about, a male twin fetus in the mother’s womb along with the woman that did not develop, through an elder male sibling born from the same mother and obviously, s*x.

What is truly amazing about this study is this aspect or this perception was never really a point of consideration till today.

The study is scheduled to go on and is continuously bringing out an overlooked aspect of gender studies: how the male and the female counterparts of the society are linked on a more basic and rudimentary level.

The scientists engaged in this study are coming up with more information every day, and changing how we look at s*x as a whole.

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