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Who Are The Pleiadians And What’s The Reptilians Hidden Agenda

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are some things that the government and NASA hide from us, for reasons yet to be known. The video inserted below will tell you about the social scheme set for mankind by people who own the power.

Present in the video are two alien races, formally known as the Pleiadians and reptilians who are said to be massively related to the scheme. The video tries to cover up as many sections as possible.

The hieroglyphics present on the pyramids are said to be related to the advanced Et races, that is, the Egyptians and Africans have a supervision on the earth. Structures that share a resemblance with pyramids have reportedly been seen on Mars, all hinting at only one thing.

The reptilians are brainy and combative by character which is why they conquer everything that they wish to, however, the tall whites (also known as the ones with pale skin and blue eyes) are intelligent but are also very negative with a ‘better than the rest’ attitude and they are their own priority.

Before the arrival of these ET’s, our world was peace-loving and harmonious. The ET’s didn’t enter the solar system alone, but along with them came trouble and chaos.

At a war against these ET’s, the Africans had to surrender because they didn’t have anything that could match the strength of the atomic weapons which the ET’s comprised of.

It’s the same when the native American Indian populations were destroyed. Ever since then, they are presented as a local grass-eating race, even though the reality is something else.

However, it can’t be blamed on the race only. Even when the tall whites and reptiles plotted to get the entire land to themselves, it was the colored skinned people who ruled the world.

It didn’t take long for smart reptoids to find out that Caucasian bodies could act as their perfect host, simply because they lack melanin.

We can take the example of Adolf Hitler as a host. Irrespective of how far-fetched a dream it looks like, peaceful happy days are approaching towards us.

Even if it doesn’t matter to you, you should know that there are enormous white/pale skinned species who are silently fighting against the reptilians and tall whites who are evil and are the root cause for all the destruction that Earth faces.


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