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Can Deja Vu’s Help You Find Your Soulmate?

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by Conscious Reminder

We all had sometimes felt like we had lived a specific moment before, while we were going about our day.

Maybe we had a discussion, and we knew how it will go even when the conversation has still been taking place. Also, maybe we arrived at a certain place we had never been before just to recognize that place and know we have been at it before.

That is a feeling called déjà vu, and it happens when we have experiences which are familiar on a soul level although we never experienced that feeling before. According to the beliefs of some people, déjà vu happens when we actually remember a specific thing from our past life.

Another theory says that déjà vu happens as we all live the identical existence again and again. Still, there is another theory which states that déjà vu is associated with so-called parallel lives, meaning that our different versions live different variations from our lives.

Déjà vu may leave us feeling off-kilter; however, it may also do certain things for us: Déjà vu may sometimes lead us to our soulmate, or even help us to recognize that soulmate.

Déjà vu and soulmates.

Soulmates are the people with whom we share several lifetimes, and who also share the identical soul group just like we do. Some of them can become our lovers, while others will stay only friends, or relatives, or even enemies.

There is one thing which all of them share: they share karmic lessons or also memories from past lives. As our soulmates are traveling with us from one life into another, we usually have similar memories from our past life.

Sometimes, we are not able to recognize them immediately. Because of that, it may be beneficial when déjà vu can give us a clue that we have our soulmate experience.

These are some of the ways a déjà vu may point us toward our soulmate:

1. We experience déjà vu together with another person.

For example, we are with a person, and we experience déjà vu. After that, we would notice that that person looks at us strangely. Perhaps they try to tell us that they felt like this experience occurred before.

This will mean that we have to pay more attention to that situation. When sharing a déjà vu with someone, it may say that we shared some experience from our past life, and we are soulmates.

2. We experience a déjà vu when we interact with an unknown person. 

For example, we met a person we don’t know, but all of a sudden, we feel like we have had this experience before. Right then, we will know that we have interacted with that person before.

Most of the time, people that fall in love often describe the feeling of knowing someone when they actually met for the first time. Such experience may tell us that the individual we interact with is quite important. It will be an indication for us to pay more attention.

3. We experience a déjà vu even with a familiar person.

Even when the person is not a stranger, experiencing a déjà vu with someone may give us soulmate vibes. It can probably be someone in our life whom we overlook, or it can be someone that is soon going to play a much important role in our life than we now know.

We can say that déjà vu represents the way in which our Universe is speaking to every one of us. Paying more attention to symbols and signs, we may be guided in a direction which aligns with the soul. 

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