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5 Signs You Have Found The Right Person For You

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by Conscious Reminder

Life isn’t a Hollywood romantic comedy: real love can be complex and messy. Couples fight, do petty things and can drive one another crazy. 

It isn’t all roses, but when you are with the right person, you also bring out the best in each other. When you are in a relationship, it is important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

The following are five definitive signs that you are in the right relationship with the right person:

1. You are undeniably attracted to that person

Love may not just be about physical attraction, but research has shown that it is an incredibly important part of it. Passion and desire drive sexual attraction, which in turn fosters intimacy and attachment with a partner. In short, sex binds.

Of course, it is necessary to separate the small-time flings from the long-term ones. But scientific evidence suggests that passionate love can become sustainable love when combined with compatibility, a network of support and equal commitment from both partners.

2. You can’t imagine your future with them

Do you consider your partner’s needs whenever you are making big life decisions of your own? Do you often think about whether your partner would like that new sofa you want to buy?

When you walk past a children’s park, do you automatically see a family of your own with your significant other? If you can’t imagine the future without your partner, you may have found the one.

3. Your relationship is your top priority

When you are in a relationship with the right person, you will find yourself putting it above everything else. You will take the time to foster and nourish it because you value it deeply.

You are likely to protect it from people or things that want to tear it down. This is because real love helps you understand yourself better, and in turn, you will want to cherish it.

4. You make sacrifices

Psychologist Theresa E DiDonato Ph.D. says that people in healthy relationships make “costly commitment signals”, which are essentially voluntary sacrifices of time, money or other resources you or your partner make.

If you feel like you are ready to do anything to help your significant other at the drop of a hat, it indicates that you are committed to them. Your relationship has a strong foundation that isn’t lust or indifference and can go the distance.

5. You feel blessed

Do you feel like you have hit the jackpot with your partner? When you hear a romantic song, do you think of them?

Do you think of the small gestures of love they make as fondly as the big ones? If you feel like you’ve been lucky, then you have found the one.

The right person will make you want to be the most real version of you. Enjoy it!

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