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Untrue Myths About Yoga That Are Hindering Your Practice

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by Conscious Reminder

In the last five or more years, yoga became one of the best-known forms of exercising. Actually, there are a lot of people who actively practice yoga, being their primary exercise choice.

However, why are there people who don’t practice it, despite the fact that it is excellent for their mental and physical health?

Usually, those people believe some myths about this practice which actually make them think about practicing it. However, like any other myth, these ones are also not true.

Here are some myths about this practice which are definitely not true. Take a look at them:

1. Yoga demands flexibility.

In fact, this is an ironic myth as this practice is the most excellent one a person can do in order to help in the increase of their flexibility. Frequently, people believe that to practice this exercise, they need increased flexibility, which is not true at all.

Like some other activities, this practice has some alternative options for starts, as they are building the resistance and flexibility. There are a lot of options for those people who are beginners.

2. Practicing yoga demands younger people. 

Like some other exercises, this practice is a good one for those people that come from all ages and genders. A person is never too old for starting this exercise. Actually, yoga proved to lessen every side-effect of arthritis or some other problems and pains related to the joints. Regardless of your age, is it 15 or even 85, it will never be too late for practicing this exercise, and the myth is not true.

3. Practicing this exercise will bore you.

It will take some time for the brain to adapt on the practice like it adapts of beer liking or acquiring some taste for spice. People with highly active minds will look at their first class of yoga as a boring one because they will have to stand still and be quiet for a few seconds.

At first, their brain is going to be bored as, in general, it will not be quite used to quiet and peace, but as the time passes, it is going to adapt itself and appreciate the peace and stillness of that moment.

Also, yoga is something more than simply holding some poses for several seconds – actually, it is more about the challenging of the body to stay still in some new poses, as well as hold them for more extended periods. Yoga can be practiced at any wanted location.

4. Yoga is an activity for ladies only.

Like Jazzercise and Pilates, the primary classification of this practice is as an exercise for women only. There are just 20% of men in America who practice yoga. With those advertisements for clothing or equipment needed for the exercise, which is focused on women, men are usually confused about joining this practice.

However, yoga is beneficial for women and even for men in the same way. For example, in India, it is likely to see men practicing this exercise together with women, and sometimes, they are in a larger number than women.

A lot of athletes in the United States use this practice as a type of recovery treatment in order to help them relieve sore muscles, or fight lower back pain too.

So, yoga is not simply a women’s exercise, but it is beneficial for men too, so it has to be treated like that and remove all those myths.

So, remember that this practice is meant for every person and age. Also, it may be practiced everywhere, and even without equipment. So, if you thought about practicing it, find some good beginner classes to do that.

When you start practicing it, you will see that it is excellent for the body, more than you could ever imagine.

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