July’s Blood Moon Will Affect These Six Star Signs The Least

by Conscious Reminder

The Full Blood Moon occurring on the 27th of July is considered to be one of the most important events in astrology and is said to have a huge impact on everyone’s lives.

Some signs are going to think that the Full Blood Moon will be nothing but a little catastrophic presence in the sky. For them the effect might not be major. But for the signs who think otherwise, your communications will face glitches, your intentions will be in a mess and your emotions are going to be on a roller coaster ride.

Your heart is either going to be extremely cold or extremely hot. There is going to be no in-between. Even though, there are supposed to be two lunar eclipses every year, but this one has a greater impact than every other.

It is going to be the longest eclipse of the century and is going to last for almost one hour and 43 minutes. Our emotions can go through drastic changes and our productivity might increase too.

Astrologist Lisa Stardust has a list of signs that can relax a little about the lunar event as they won’t be affected a lot by it. To know if your sign is on the list, continue reading!


Aries is going to see this event as an opportunity to progress in life. Not much will change in their relationships as they no longer believe in stressing about them.  Their vibe is going to be more uplifting and as stardust say, “under the Full Moon eclipse, the wild ram will be happily setting free relationships and friendships no longer serving their higher good”. So I guess it’s a win-win situation for Aries. Don’t stress because there is nothing to worry about.


While for everyone else, this eclipse will be about vibe and mind, Libra will have a lot of emotions to deal with. They won’t look at it in a negative way like everyone else. They won’t let the Blood Moon get the better of them. Seems like the Cupid is going to shoot you real hard!


Gemini will have some deep thinking to do due to this eclipse. They will be focused towards finding out the worldly ideas and truths and this might lead to a lot of philosophical debates and conversations. The eclipse will trigger your brain cells.


Well, good news for you Virgos out there. You are likely to feel very extremely energized and productive during the Full Blood Moon. Stardust suggests you invest this energy in your habits and routines, even working on your outdated workouts.


This is the time for you to let yourself out in nature and connect with it. Rebuild your important relationships and bonds in life. Allow yourself to be happy for small things in life and your mind to have fun with simple things. This will help you get back to socializing.


You’re going to be the most relaxed out of all and sleep through it. You’ve done your share of everything and the lunar eclipse won’t matter to you at all and won’t bring any drastic change in your life. You’re just going to smoothly sail through it so, just go sleep already!

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