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Ways To Improve Your Communication & Help Others Understand Your Perspective

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by Conscious Reminder

Expressing oneself accurately is a skill not commonly found.

When others are able to comprehend and understand your point of view, you achieve a sense of happiness and satisfaction at getting your point across to others.

However, our mind is often preoccupied with multiple thoughts and stories and some of those are negative. The constant buzz and busy work life make it very difficult for us to attain a calm mindset. The primary aspect of sharing your point of view is to describe your feelings and thoughts.

At times, we find it acutely challenging to express our anger or disappointment to the people who hurt us. But sharing and expressing our emotions brings a sense of relief from the anger. Such situations require careful communication skills and the meticulous choice of words.

Read on for a few helpful tips with which you might be able to put forward your perspective in a better way.

Accurately Articulate Your Point of View

Challenging conversations turn out to be the most productive ones despite our fear of expressing our real feelings. We must remember that the energy or essence of the discussion will drive the exchange further. As a result, we must maintain calm and cordial energy throughout the conversation.

Firstly we must reflect on the kind of relationship we share with the other person and how important the person is to us. Keeping these points in mind, we must take the conversation ahead and communicate accordingly.

5 Pointers For Productive Communication

I. Prepare a script and write down the talking points.

II. Seek help from your divine and authentic self. Visualize the conversation running smoothly.

III. Hope the other person accepts the discussion and follows your energy. Once you have a healthy and productive conversation, the relationship with the person is bound to grow stronger.

IV. Invoke the higher power you believe in before having the discussion. The divine energy accompanying will provide positivity throughout the exchange.

V. The angels above will surely shower their loving light and protection over both of you during the conversation.

It is essential to remember that the conversation is aimed to recognize your own feelings regarding the person and the discussion.

It is also crucial to provide appropriate space and opportunity to the other person to express themselves as well. You both must express your animosity in the appropriate manner in order to move forward positively.


The only way to determine if the conversation was productive or not is by determining if both parties have heard and understood their position. Surrender all opposing thoughts after the conversation has taken place and you have communicated your perspective.

The goal is to end the discussion with a positive mindset and forge a healthy relationship from there onwards. Let go of all toxic thoughts and allow the negative energy to subside. You must part ways with respect and feel proud of asserting yourself in the correct way.

In case you do not feel positive at the end of the conversation you must give yourself some time to understand things better. Rather than continuously pursuing the person, you must walk away. This will enable the ideal way to recover and resolve the resentment with time.

Parting Ways Positively

Several challenging situations can be resolved through prayer. Never part ways with bitterness.

An open conversation often establishes a telepathic connection between the subconscious of the two people. Retaining a positive attitude post-conversation can bring positivity to the minds of both people.

Perpetually praying and observing the approach and behavior of the other person, squashes negative thoughts away. However, remember to maintain a respectful boundary at all times. Our behavioral pattern also acts as a significant form of communication.

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