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How ‘False Twin’ Is Becoming A Thing These Days.

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

False twin is such an intriguing concept that sometimes we misinterpret a normal joyful relationship as a connection between two ‘twin souls’.

The seemingly harmless idea of seeing the false twins can have profound effects on the lives of the two partners. In this article we’ll talk about ‘False Twins’.

The problem starts when after misinterpreting the normal relationship as a ‘twin soul’ relationship we all stretch the similarities and the expectations to fantasy level. These unfair expectations are impossible to live up to and thus the tension builds between the couple.

The problem does not end here; when the people around them can see the dying relationship, they still stick up to it thinking that they’ll solve it one day. But this always have a very profound impact on their own personal lives.

Let’s look at the problem more deeply. During our birth, certain aspects of our life were already predestined yet, there are other aspects over which we can exercise our free will. But the twins were fixed as soon as we were individualized. They are destined to meet us in our last birth and no imagination can change this.

The thing is, we can not decide the time and place to meet our twin, it usually depends upon both of your spiritual progression. And when you’ll meet one, you’ll know automatically about it. So do not fall in the traps of fake gurus who may trick into believing that you are their twin soul. Such cases are becoming common these days, thus it is very important to have a fair idea about ‘what twin souls are?’

The good news is that we are entering the Aquarian age and thus there will be a number of twin soul meetings. This mass meeting of these twins is very beneficial as it will emit a light which will change the world completely. Some sociologists even say that we are entering the second age of enlightenment.

The times ahead are exciting! Thus we must be careful not to do something careless. Misinterpreting some love as ‘Twin Souls’ is something that we should be careful about.

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