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Astrological Significance Of Saturn’s “Homecoming” In 2023

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by Conscious Reminder

Saturn’s return is a topic in astrology that is quite misinterpreted and misunderstood by a large group of people.

This is usually because the period it takes place in goes on for more than 28 years. At the current point in time of our lives, the planet has been on its mission of making an entire revolution around the Sun ever since we were born. But the main question that stands is- what should we be expecting from this moment in time? 

In the astrological sphere, every planet is representative of a spiritual force that is within us. As it stands, Saturn is usually a great educator when it comes to bringing growth lessons to our lives. While he is usually not gentle or sweet, he pushes his students until they are the best that they can be.

Since he knows that our potential is limitless, he does not let us settle for anything that is less than ideal. So when Saturn returns to its original position, it does feel like we are being evaluated based on the growth that we have charted over the course of our life. What have we done or achieved in the last 3 decades of our existence? 

 The return of Saturn comes enmeshed with a timeframe where our lives would start taking a definite shape. We would also come to the realization that everything we have been striving for was just a training session for reality to set in. This is the time for us to start growing up and taking responsibility for our lives.

The return of Saturn, therefore, is the time when we are challenged to be the best that we have ever been. The main theme of this phase in life is maturity – the moment we get real about things, the illusions start falling apart. 

The Return Of Saturn Will Bring A Whole Host Of Questions With Itself

For those who are wondering, Saturn is this friend who will tell us the hard truths that no one will have the courage to say. Things around us that seem meaningless or empty will fall into place. Since this is a time when people mature, it can get quite difficult. But during this conundrum, we should accept the gift that Saturn will give us- the opportunity to alter our life in order to really achieve what we have sought for so long. 

There are people who would claim that this period in time is all about negative experiences- but that is not the case. This will also be the time to reap the fruits of our labor- so we need to see where we are investing in positive energies. Saturn brings those gifts for us that only patience and time can provide.

One needs to understand that this moment in time is simply the end of one cycle- which leads to the beginning of another cycle. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for one to fear the return of this planet- but we can assure you that no one will be passing through it completely unscathed.

This is the moment when we need to ask the deep and difficult questions that would determine our identity. We can also take a breath to stop and see the path we have been walking on for so long and if it has served its purpose. 

With Saturn doling out such harsh lessons, we will be able to learn how to be kind to ourselves. For reckless people, Saturn is going to teach us rigor and discipline- for people who seek too much, compassion will be taught to them. This is the point where one needs to find the balance within themselves. 

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