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These Are The Twelve Feminine Archetypes: Which One Are You?

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by Conscious Reminder

Each woman has both negative and positive personality traits and if they’re not well understood and applied, it may lead to conflicts with others and aggression.

It is important for a woman to be aware of her flaws and powers so that no one can manipulate her. This will help her in her life’s progress and she’ll reach the Divine light. All of us are built on an archetype, with added features.

These are the 12 feminine archetypes:

1. Cosmic – Goddess (Uranus – Ratziel)

This means that the woman is highly spiritual and is devoted to the Divine. She has found her essential androgyny. She is wise, holds immense knowledge about truth, consciousness and spirituality. However her eccentricity, pride, arrogance and obstinate behavior are her flaws.

2. Priestess – Vestal, Started (Mercury Moon – Raphael)

The mundane life doesn’t affect her as she is on a journey to find her true feminine element. She is intelligent, wise, knowledgeable and holds healing and teaching powers. However she is excessively critical, impatient, whiny and has low self- confidence.

3. Empress – High Priestess, Centralizer (Sun- Michael)

She represents yang, with innate talents for guiding, watching and instructing souls. She is authoritative, strong, determined and noble. However she has narcissistic tendencies.

4. Prophetess – Sensitive, Shaman (Neptune- Asariel)

She is mysterious and mystical, transcendental and can connect to different dimensions of the Universe. You can find high sensitivity and occult interests in her. However she thrives on drugs, illusions, escapisms and is indecisive.

5. Fairy – Princess, Romantic (Venus – Haniel)

This archetype is defined by Beauty, Goodness and Love and is very feminine in its attributes. She is sensitive, subtle, bright and soulful however she can be manipulative, deceitful and vain.

6. Great Mother – Matron, Protector (Jupiter – Hesediel)

This refers to conservative and family-oriented women. They are characterized by fertility, prosperity and security. However they can be possessive, sarcastic and have poor finance management skills.

7. Inspirational Muse – Artist (Moon – Gabriel)

She is artistic, soulful and inspiring, with high sensitivity and fluidity of expression. Her negative traits include anxiety, depression and mood swings.

8. Balanced Grown Up (Earth – Uriel)

This archetype represents a balance between emotion and relation, spontaneity and rationality, a middle ground between the spheres of child and parent. She is content, consistent and emotionally secure. However she can be lazy, static and skeptical.

9. Maiden – Daughter (Mercury – Solar Raphael)

Representing innocence and simplicity, this type maintains the instinctive boyish self of a woman. She is spontaneous, communicative and extroverted. She will also be jealous, impatient and fickle.

10. Amazon – Warrior, Women Managers (Mars – Camael)

Here the woman is both instinctive as well as powerful and strong. She is energetic, courageous, resourceful and determined. However she is rough, aggressive and too masculine.

11. Fatal Woman – Seductress, Manipulator (Pluto – Azrael)

This type uses their sensual and erotic prowess for materialistic gains. They’re powered by their mystery, instinct and sexuality but are very manipulative, cynical and destructive.

12. Destructive – Materialistic (Saturn – Binael)

Deeply dominating the earth element, she has sharp intellect and cynicism. She is rooted and grounded but sad, lonely pessimistic and inflexible.

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