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The Magical Secrets Of The Turquoise

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by Conscious Reminder

Turquoise is a gemstone that comes in one of the most beautiful shades of blue. It also lends its name to the shade it comes in.

Turquoise is a crystal that comes from the hydrated crystal of aluminium and copper phosphate and is treated as a semi-precious stone.

Coming from the French word for Turkish, it has been used as a pigment too, among other things, for centuries, in Islamic art and architecture. But what we are here to talk about, is its role in world of astrology and gemstones.

The blue stone had holy associations for the Aztecs too and has been known as a conduit of lunar energy, and as a symbol for the airy and watery energies of the cosmos, thanks to its colour.

Like all water related stones, the blue, rich turquoise is known to be an excellent healing crystal that cures broken and weary auras and recharges the wielding individual with empathetic energies.

A known use for centuries in the Islamic world is the fact that it wards off the ‘nazar’ or the evil eye. These are negative aura waves from people who do not wish to see you happy.

Anti-nazar amulets commonly used the rich-blue turquoise and the crystal was also claimed to bestow beauty on the wearer.

Even if the last part were false, just take a look at cleaned and polished turquoise: it is absolutely gorgeous, and will make you stick out in a room full of boring-looking people.

Coming to the yogic school of magic and kundalini yoga, the blue gemstone symbolises the heart chakra and the throat chakra which are really important spiritual energy centres as they lie on the route to the pineal gland as far as the kundalini serpent is concerned.

Turquoise, being concerned with your throat and the air that fills your lungs, is very beneficial as a gemstone for meditation. This is because associations with those particular sites makes it perfect for a breathing modulator and its calming properties are well-known anyway.

It is a protective and healing stone. For best results with it, place it under the new moon at least once every lunar cycle and make sure to use it at least once as soon as possible after that.


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