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3 Telling Signs That You Met Your Crush In One Of Your Past Lives

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by Conscious Reminder

Those who believe in the existence of past lives may also know about the concept of soul mates from past lives. These connections are profoundly deep and are supposed to span several lifetimes.

Moreover, if you happen to meet a person who used to be your soul mate in one of your past lives, then it is highly likely that you will feel the special vibes in the relationship.

Do you feel like your present life has a soul mate from a past life? Then watch out for these three indicative signs that help professionals determine if two individuals shared a deep connection in a past life.

1. The Connection Was Instant

Did you ever meet a person and instantly had the feeling that you two connected on some level beyond the usual? According to professionals, this is the first telltale sign that you two may have been past life soul mates. Of course, do keep in mind that soul mates do not always mean a romantic relationship.

Professionals say that they can usually determine if two people are past life soul mates by the way one of them talks about their present connection. If it is a romantic connection, then they might exclaim how it was their first time experiencing something like this. What people feel in these situations is the energy that is built over lifetimes spent together as well as a recognition on the level of the soul.

Experts also say that two souls can choose to reincarnate at the same time even after several centuries of Earth years. However, the souls will definitely remember their other part, and the feeling will be noticeable in the present.

2. The Physical Chemistry’s Strength Is Unprecedented

Apart from the instantaneous mental connection, experts explain that it is highly likely that the two will share an extremely strong physical connection too. Of course, this is only in the case of romantic relationships.

Experts say that people who experience a connection with a soul mate from their past life will often say sentences such as: “The physical chemistry between us is off the charts.”

3. They Make You Feel At Home

The connections with soul mates have a familiar and good feeling – exactly like we are at home. According to experts, soul mates extend a sense of belonging to us.

They also accept all of us, including our warts, just as we embrace everything they have, including their issues and messiness. Soul mate connections are productive, loving, and supportive, regardless of whether they are romantic or something else.

But, an important point to remember is that even if there is a romantic interest in a past-life soul mate, it is not guaranteed that you two will be together.

The meeting could take place at the correct time, and the two souls can move on as well at the correct time. But, it is also not impossible for the two to end up together.

Experts say that we can very well have multiple soul mates who are also romantic ones in one lifetime. Or, there might be several such who we meet at appropriate, predestined, different points in life. No matter the case, time with a romantic soulmate should be treasured as much as possible.

In Conclusion

There are several different types of connections on the level of the soul that we may have with others. A soul mate from a past life can fall in that category.

No matter how long the two of you stay together, meeting a past-life soul can be uplifting, enriching, and inspiring. So enjoy it if you think you are experiencing a relationship like that.

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