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Biblical Perspective On Cosmic Jesus, Law And Cellular Ascension

by consciousreminder
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by Raymond Patrick Phelan,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Most of us, post Covid, will be re-evaluating our lives against the backdrop of human and environmental destruction. Covid has been a major awakening lesson for us all, a lesson hopefully not be a wasted particularly regards media brainwashing. In this ‘brainwashing’ regard, checking that we’re not returning to same ‘normal’ institutional paradigms is imperative. Like Lazarus – the spiritually dead carnal mind — eternal Christ within whispers LOUDLY /affirmatively: come forth from the tomb of ignorance into the Light of Truth-consciousness.

Due to our early years of fear-based, religious conditioning – including myself at one point – many may still be interpreting Scripture literally. And although during adolescence we may not have latitude of ‘choice’, but once we come to ‘age of choice’, we’re then free to commence transitioning into spiritual maturity, when higher spiritual prompts — as biblical Lazarus received — begin revealing that we’ve been, in religious terms, systematically programmed without our adult consent and which now doesn’t feel right, as brainwashing it’s not in accord with natural evolution.

We’re not intended to remain at base camp standards simply because a preacher indoctrinated us or our family into ‘their’ indoctrinated belief system. Those primitive, imprisoning and even immoral ways of soul controlling are well and truly over. For, rendering the soul to institutional conformity represents agreement to becoming an automaton , when — due to muting self-expression — we sacrifice the mind’s potential of true ‘inner freedom’

Restricting the soul to man-made paradigms and limiting belief systems does not meet spiritual or cosmic evolution’s protocol.

As many already know, ancient bibliography is an expose in mental science, relating to inner mechanisms and their potential, but expressed through myth, metaphor and symbolism. Sadly, formal religion has turned these wonderfully composed biblical masterpieces into unrecognizable content not intended by their divinely-endowed authors. Literal interpretation has rendered much of Scripture meaningless to so many Truth-seeking souls.

So, let us look esoterically at some powerful and enabling scriptures and see how practically we may relate these to our own inner universe, and how one’s state of faith-silence-consciousness is sufficient dynamic to propel our soul out of the fixed orbit of sin, propel our soul’s evolution more speedily, more beautifully and more meaningfully in ways not previously reflected upon by formal religions.

Let us approach this inner journey from the perspective that, vibrational silence is the initiating ‘go-between’ which triggers the spiritual dynamic latent within each heart /mind and cellular grids.

So, to commence.

Metaphysically, the title / term Jesus is referring to ‘life principle’, or, that ‘vital spirit-energy,’ or ‘vital life force,’ present within each soul. In Yoga, ‘Jesus’ would be termed prana. The Sanskrit word means universal principle or ‘breath of life’ permeating the entire creation.
In this context, Jesus said to the apostles – the twelve mental faculties in the brain:

“Go forth and multiply” — Genesis 9:7

At a basic level of understanding, this scripture is particularly pertinent to cellular evolution: creating harmonious cell division for the spiritual well-being of the Whole.

Transcendent God-nature is utter silence, while karma is action — two totally opposing forces. One representing the ever-changing field of phenomenal life, the other, the never-changing Absolute state.

We know that when the body inhales, it takes in O2 or oxygen, and breathing out it exhales CO2 or, carbon dioxide: the ‘waste’ or fumes of each breath cycle; which ‘waste’ then goes to feed the forestry kingdom, which inhabitants reciprocate by breathing out their waste — in the form of pure oxygen — enabling us humans to breath in again, to include also the animal and bird kingdoms, plus the countless other unseen tiny lives. And man — as the superior species — cuts these trees down mindlessly solely for financial profit without thought or concern for the utter dependency by all of us on this God-given life-sustaining breath of life.

Reducing carbon dioxide production in the body helps achieve cellular purity. To this end, when we meditate, the body’s respiratory system reduces to its least production of carbon dioxide, thus stimulating greater cellular intelligence within the body — when cellular decay or, ageing is absent for the period of meditation.

Considering the estimated 50 trillion cells of the body, it’s possible, therefore, by transcending in meditation, for the cellular universe to reflect eternality-imbibed nature, thus on-going cellular ascension unto advance life forms. With our cells constantly vibrating and creating electromagnetic energy waves, cellular intelligence represents a vast untapped universe in evolutionary potential. “Go forth and multiply” is also linked to expansion of consciousness, which will be dealt with as the article progresses.

Jesus then said (universal Life Principle):

“What ye do unto the least of these my brethren, ye do unto me” Matthew 25:40.

‘Point’ and ‘infinity’ both contain the eternal memory of each other. So, breaking this down, let us re-term ‘point’ as transitioning to realization of ‘infinity’– transcendent state– with ‘point’ in transition to realizing ‘infinity. In other words, through the instrumentality of vibrational sound, when intellect reduces or converges to zero mind then touches infinity. Thus, in deep meditation point and infinity are realized simultaneously as equal, when, ‘unto least’ becomes ‘unto Me’. While metaphorically, ‘point and infinity are the same, ‘point’ just needs to be initiated unto realizing Transcendent consciousness, which initiation is through mantric sound.

As all present-day cells are descended from a single primordial sound, could this quantum ‘sound-atom-point’ be our ancestral Abraham from which we’re each said to be a descendant of, with Jesus representing the photon of light? – The difference only being scale.

The difference between cells and atoms are: cells are biological while atoms are chemical. A cell comprises molecules composed from atoms – which makes the atom responsible for the creation of the cell. In this context, from the Genesis ‘Adam and Eve’ perspective, the concept is best understood as not two separate beings as such, rather aspects of a single atom-splitting affair, a negative-positive interactive process involving protons and electrons where opposites attract to make spiritual electricity thus ‘point and infinity ‘coming into practical play.

As the cell represents the least ‘living’ biological entity in the body, this scripture can be understood in terms of: ‘what we do unto the cells thus we imprint onto the manifesting law of karma: attracting either positively (love) or negatively (corrosion /decay) either of which affect cellular evolution upward or downward.

Remembering, that, biblical Jesus (higher life principle) ‘spoke his Word’, meaning vibrational wisdom /intelligence unto the twelve apostles, the cellular aspect of the inner faculties.

Thus we can see that the quantum body actually represents /contains a blueprint designed to expand embryonically beyond its apparent confinement, beyond the obvious tiny status of limitation within the human body.

So, how are cells assisted in their ascension process?

Cells reflect ‘excited’ tendencies in direct proportion to the state of consciousness permeating them. Put another way: cells reproduce according to the operational law of their master’s intellect, meaning, the conscious discerning capacity of our mind: is it rooted one-pointedly in cosmic order or, primed in lawless dis-order, corruption and negativity. Thus, the first law of ANY universe is order (symbolized by James) and single-mindedness thus mind’s harmonious functioning.

Descendants of Vibrational Life Force

When broken down acoustically, the word ‘atom’ resembles the vowels A-U-M, the vibrational dynamic behind all creation. Thus the sound ‘A-T-OM’ (atom) also becomes directional to its own source of creation. Even the vowels AB-RA-Ham I believe are symbolic of vibratory life force and creation. These words, and many like them, are specific vowels chosen to highlight the resonances required for entry into the right brain hemisphere and, by extension, stimulate the nervous system into consciously knowing /experiencing two states of consciousness simultaneously — time and no-time, eternity and relative life..

In this context, we each carry the responsibility of triggering our own fathering process of healthy cellular /nervous system development through inner primordial resonance. At cellular level our brain and body are decedents of this eternally multiplying sound wave. When initiated in meditation, these vowels carry the vibratory cosmic waves whereby mind can transcend the three ever-changing gunas of nature unto reorientation in never-changing, never-ageing Self.

Hindu culture has that beautiful word A-T-MA which carries the same awakening dynamic as A-U-M and A-T-OM and, AB-RA-hAM. Thus, in realizing eternal Self or Atman, mind /brain first undergoes vibrational activity, scripturally phrased “no one comes to the Father but through Me” John 6: 44 (or, our connection with God is through vibration).

In realizing ‘connection’, mantra vibration stirs the mountain of deeply embedded sin or, stress rooted in the cells for eons thereby purify the accumulations of toxin carryover — when we say to the mountain of fear, stress, and phobia ‘be gone into the sea’ of pure faith-silence in meditation. Mark 11: 23.

Humans accredit creation unto God, and, yes, that’s true. But, that, it’s God the Holy Spirit which creates — third person /aspect in /of the blessed trinity – through creative wave resonance. But, that, God the Absolute or, Self does not create, rather remains the silent ocean, the witness of creation.

Genesis 1:27 ESV puts it: “So God (Vibration) created man (mind) in his own (Light) image, in the image (imagination) of God (the Holy Spirit) he created him; male and female (proton/electron aspects of atom) he (through vibrational holy spirit) created them” – the yin/yang, dynamic of cellular status. But that, Self or Absolute is uncreated.

To facilitate the spiritual evolution of creation, a healthy medium or conduit needs to be in place. Thus the human medium /channels of creation and evolution are as follows:

Brain is end organ of consciousness.
Consciousness is end dynamic of Vibrational God the Holy Spirit, — of A-U-M sounding resonances.
Nervous system is end organ of the brain.
Body is end organ of nervous system.
Cell is end formation of atom.

Telomerase Decrease

As mentioned earlier, a single cell is the smallest entity of all ‘living’ things. But here it’s worth remembering, that, through chronic psychological stress, rooted in conditioning from all quarters of religious, political and social life, an enzyme called telomerase decreases with each cell division.

To offset this decrease, daily meditation results in greater telomerase activity, indicative of optimum mental-physiological health and immune cell longevity. Meditation prevents shortening of telomeres by activating the gene that makes the anti-ageing enzyme, telomerase, not normally active in our cells. By influencing the genetic code within each cell, meditation achieves — “doing unto the least of my brethren”– the process of reprogramming cells for ascension consciousness.

Spiritual evolution thus is regards harnessing Nature’s creative, multiplying /maintenance principle, the cosmic intelligence, or law, presiding over the physical cosmos /universe, which Law, at individual level, amounts to pure silence or, pure transcendental consciousness.

Our own body, to the individual cells, represents God. But these same cells, to becoming spiritually mature, are fully dependent on the level of evolved consciousness which they are feeding on. The responsibility of providing advance cellular growth soil lies with the successful resurrection of our own intellect thus resurrection of our consciousness. This is why transcending ‘the laws of decaying negative karma’ is vital.

Through the incomprehensible organizational power of Nature, cellular /molecular intelligence is constantly vibrating and creating electromagnetic energy waves, thus potentially parenting unfathomable depths of beauty and advance life forms, into eternal; existence.

Vibrating Substance

We can now state that pure consciousness is also the substance of evolution and, that, what ‘we do unto the least’ — unto the cells – will be in accordance with the vibratory level of one’s consciousness-substance.

At the practical level, mental energy is formed by creating more neural pathways, synapses or, neural sparks in the brain. In this context, the brighter our love-infused heart spark, the more synapses or connections are created in the brain.

It’s estimated there are 100 billion connections in the average human brain which is more than the amount of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy and, there are an estimated 100 billion galaxies. Truly these ‘inner’ brain sparks and physical universes are divinely interconnected.

“If ye love me keep my commandments” – John: 14:15

This scripture, of course, is not referring to the literally-interpreted ten commandments espoused by formal religions, but to the cosmic Life Force functioning through the brain and seven chakra centers located along the spinal column — culminating in awakening the vital pineal and pituitary glands in the brain.

Chakras are energy Command centers, they distribute the life-force responsible for awakening the right brain hemisphere – home of the cranial nerves – unto becoming aligned with the cosmic harmonic resonance, triggering consciousness to reflect spiritually.

The verse is stating that, as our every pre-awakening activity stems from ‘law of sin’, then this mental law impulse should be transformed, made harmonious to reflect in accordance with spiritual evolution — alignment in rejuvenating divine resonance as opposed to decaying sin toxicity. In other words, as the nature of every expressed thought ultimately finds its way into our physiology and cellular system our priority thus is with our thoughts thereby avoid negative karmic response from the laws of nature through the out-of-tune mental mechanisms.

Biblical commandments essentially are impulses of Nature’s organizational intelligence operating in the brain. Subtle prompts from the depths of being that align our mind-body-spirit harmoniously through every stage of the evolution process. Commandments are naturally kept while in meditation, when, post meditation life simply involves living consciously or cosmically through higher wisdom.

As spiritual beings, commandment-keeping is our intended way of living, where any level below this vibration is considered animal frequency.

The word “If” you love me” is significant. Paraphrased it translates: ‘now that we’re inner awakening unto Truth and have realized bliss-consciousness or Self as separate from the outer world, that we apply this awakening awareness to resisting the ever-tempting lower carnal senses.

“Do not tempt the Lord, thy God” Matthew 4:7 KJV

Depending on our mode of consciousness and mental activity, the operating law in which our mind is established becomes the operating law in our life. Thus, our mental /emotional state tempts /triggers similar previously stored emotions into the mind/body physiology.

By transcending these laws of mind /body — the three gunas of nature — in meditation, the inner faculties become ‘neutralized’, free of unwitting law violation, thus avoid storing negativity seeds for future incubation into the physiology.

Transcendence is totally about entering into mental silence thereby culture steadfastness of thought and emotional balance; when temptation to judge — the eternal perfect moment — is resolved through calm-full Presence and understanding.

“As above so below” (co-existence of spiritual and natural or, brain /universe synergy)

Matthew 6:10 KJV puts it: “Thy will (as opposed to karmic law) be done ‘in’ earth (mind /body) as ‘it’ (Transcendent law) ‘is’ in heaven (bliss-consciousness)”.

Matthew represents divine Will.

Put another way: microcosm and macrocosm.

So, the human brain represents a microcosm of the macrocosm universe.

Like the universe, the human brain cells – and by extension, the entire physical cellular /nervous system ‘earth’ – are created for presently unimaginable spiritual expansion into new life-formations. Thus as everything in the heavenly creation is in different stages of vibratory evolution, therefore, every cellular life form has a specific purpose to fulfill, when not even silence and consciousness remain static.

By harnessing transcendental silence thus the cellular system /consciousness reflect ‘Above’ status: or, when cell ‘point’ becomes ‘infinity’ thus ‘infinity’ becomes cell ‘point’.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Jesus said: “I (Holy Spirit) have come (resurrected intellect) not to abolish the Law (of karma) but to fulfill the Law” (establish divine standard of consciousness) – Matthew 5:17

Biblical “Jesus” represents the eternal Life Force within each of us, and the word “said” — which is not a spoken word — is referring to the all-vital emanative qualities of the universal Holy Spirit. Qualities such as: love, peace, goodness, patience, happiness, joy and, self-control.
‘Jesus’ is another title for Kundalini the transformative life force expanding the heart-cosmos. Without this transmutation, human awareness remains under law of sin — Romans 8:7.

Thus, it’s the unwitting misuse of the laws of nature which is causal of all suffering – biblically put: “By their fruits shall ye know them” Matthew 7: 16–20. in other words, inner and outer environment reflect in exact proportion to our habitual thought patterns. This reflection unerringly demonstrates which law of mind we’re operating through – compelling law of sin or compelling law of God the Holy Spirit.
Instead of the innumerable laws working against us – through ignorance — the mind, when transcendentally-infused, becomes cosmically charged so that these laws reflect ‘Will of God’ automatically. When, eventually, intellect becomes Master, or Lord, over our entire inner universe. When ‘fulfilling the Law’ fulfills Jesus’ words “it is done”: Ascension of Consciousness is realized.

Now, as we can see, the term(s) ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ becomes of major significance within each of us. Words, which, when interpreted metaphysically, represent vastly different understanding from what we were choicelessly indoctrinated into by institutional religion.

About the Author: Raymond is a long-time practitioner with the Transcendental Meditation Movement in the TM-Siddhi Program.
He is author of a book titled ‘The Absolute Secret — Beyond the Suffering, the Key to Inner Peace, published by Janus Publishing.

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