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This Is How The Leo New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

With a New Moon in Leo rising next week, Leo season 2020 will come to a close. The Leo Moon on the 18th will come with a burst of motivation and creativity.

Leo New Moons have always been a great motivator for us. It pushes us to pursue our passions and manifest our hidden desires.

Not just the Moon and the Sun, even Mercury will be in Leo during this time. Mercury and Mars will form a trine that will make us chase our dreams. Here’s what the zodiacs will gain from the August Leo New Moon:


Your ruling planet will be busy supercharging the Leo New Moon, and this means your zeal will be unstoppable. This is the time to embrace your creative and artistic self. Let your passion guide you to the next adventure and jump into it with all your gusto!


Taureans are extremely fond of their homes, and the August Moon will ask them to revamp it. Channel your boost of creativity and motivation to bring some fun to your safe haven. Your sanctuary should reflect your artistic side that very few know about!


The Leo New Moon is asking you to reach out to your old friends and reconnect with them. Be it a video call or good old texts, make some time under this luminary to socialize. These connections will renew your energy and passion.


While you love to take care of your near ones, this luminary is a good time to pamper yourself. Go buy that bath bomb you have been eyeing! But remember not to get too carried away- spend wisely and you won’t need to cry on those bills later.


As the Moon rises in your sign, you will stand to benefit the most from its creative energies. Let glamor guide you to revamp your image. Forget all worries and be bold, embrace that diva within. Experiment with your clothing and see how that opens new channels of creativity for you.


Time to let go of the reigns now, dear Virgos! Indulge in your fantasies and leave those practical worries aside. Use your alone time to investigate some mystical practices or explore your dreams. This can be an exciting time to set up intentions and manifest the fiery power of Leo.


You love your peace and always work towards restoring balance. Under this Leo New Moon, don’t be shy to step up and accept a leader’s role. Be it your friends or a social cause, your creativity can offer unique solutions to solve future problems.


The New Moon in Leo is giving you the confidence to make a bold career move. With the Universe backing you, don’t be shy to ask for that overdue raise or share your creative ideas. Grab the opportunity and speak up!


The August Moon will allow you to follow your wildest dreams! Get ready for some exciting adventures, and no, they don’t always have to be outdoors. Whatever you pursue under this lunation will come with its own dash of fun and excitement, so make the most of this energy.


You have been working very hard to create healthy boundaries for your mental peace. You have made some great strives in your personal life too, and you deserve applause for your efforts. The Moon is telling you to be true to yourself and have faith in your abilities.


While you love being in social groups, this Leo New Moon is a good time to focus on close relationships. Be it your partner or your parents, those closest to you will be able to help you the most. Bounce your creative ideas off them, and listen to their opinion.


You are preparing to wipe your slate clean! This Moon will help you tune in with your goals so that you can figure out what changes need to be made. Fix your routine to keep more time to pursue your passions.

The August Leo New Moon is bringing some intense energies our way. This is the time to grab the opportunities that come our way and work through them. We have the dedication and motivation to reach our goals and be successful!

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