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New Moon In Virgo On September 9th, 2018: Let Your Creativity Flow

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by Conscious Reminder

The first new moon of September falls at 17 degrees Virgo decan 2. The new moon will be part of a celestial activity cycle called a trine. It falls in the constellation of the Great Bear, on the star Mizar.

This is a very on-the-face kind of a position for the moon. There seems to be no way out, no grey area in the whole affair. Thanks to this, tendencies that are perverted might get a head start, along with energies of purity and goodness. Sadomasochism will go hand-in-hand with self-confidence and self-nurturing.

Whatever happens, there is a lot of celestial energy at stake. You can use this energy, harness it to make things right for you, in some way or the other. Yes, caution and prudence is a must, given the fact that one must choose the light when the darkness is for sale as well.

So the choice is to stay conscious to these energies, good or bad. Word of warning for people with a taste for alcohol or harder drugs: These are the things that weaken your aura and make you susceptible to the darker forces at work in the heavens. This makes a wall between you and the forces of light and makes it difficult for both to reach either.

However, speaking on brighter terms, these are times for artisans and craftsmen; these are the times when inspiration can be found in the darkest of corners. This is especially true for offbeat artistic professions: things like lacemaking and sculpture. Intricacy will come natural to people who are “woke” so to speak.

There also will be some celestial activity too, with the moon interacting with other celestial bodies: these include the following:

Moon sextile with Jupiter – this will be a combination of dreams for the artists, dreamers and lovers. Art will be the ruling discipline among you all. Imagination will also reign supreme, because let’s face it, what is art without some wishful imagination. 

Art has always had one hindrance, that of money. Well, fear not. This energy in the heavens will make that okay. Patrons will just materialize out of thin air for you, if you are dedicated towards your art enough.

Concentrate on your quality. The rest the universe will take care of.

The other trine with Pluto might be a problematic one, despite being a softer aspect. It has hellish associations, but comes with promises of financial security and finding patrons.

Anyone who has 18 degree signs can actually milk out the profits of this trine. Even signs with other elements but the same numeric value can benefit from the planetary functions of these trines with the moon.

What you must understand is, the moon and suns can be called astro-catalysts. These are bodies who boosts signs and planets with energies in certain formations with them.

So if your horoscope meets the conditions required, there is a high chance that things might just look up for you.

However, the month and its new moon, seems to be focussed on specifically art and imagination-related things.

Emotions will be charged up too, because the moon is the root cause and destination of all emotional turmoil and peace too. Given the fact that it is the month and moon of imagination and art, you might just want to put some creativity into your life in the bedroom. Get creative, get kinky.

Also, this might also be the month of actual artistic collaboration: you might want to come out of your isolate-like existence and try to meet like-minded individuals and collaborate with them on an artistic monstrosity.

Be conscious. Be lucky.

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