This Video Gives You The Most Powerful Lesson Ever Told In Movie History

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The 1997 Gus Van Sant film Good Will Hunting is one of the best motivational indie films ever made. And reading this article will convince you that watching it is just what you need in life right now.

By the way, the film had garnered quite the fan following over the years and is still a favourite among fans and their families. It has a whopping 8.3/10, 97% and 70% on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic respectively.

The film was written however by two actors: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, both of whom star in the film.

The film follows the story of a particularly proficient-at-math janitor at MIT, named Will. His life is directionless, and when the initial clump in the throat is gone, he confides in his therapist, Robin Williams.

Though the film as a whole is an amazing experience, this scene is particularly poignant and beautiful as the protagonist, played by Damon, narrates to his therapist all the secrets of his life, and how his past influences his future and present relationships.

Williams’ character ends up explaining to him what he needed to know in order to gain the needed perspective in life. 

When one is suffering, it is the brain that centres their focus only on their own struggles. Others might be going through the same or even worse struggles in their unforgiving lives.

We end up acting like God in situations where we are indeed not equipped to handle. One can be knowledgeable and even street-smart, but never know everything about everyone else.

And this is a two-way street; unless we come out of our shells and make open books of our minds, there is no way in which the other person in front of us will ever understand our own struggles. And we will end up on square one again, unassisted and unloved.

After this exegesis, he lives the pondering Will to his own thoughts about these things. It is this scene that in the end drive Will to contemplate his choices and life properly.

Check this film out and in particular, watch out for this sequence. You will be changed in a good way.

Good Will Hunting – Script to Screen

"Good Will Hunting" (1997)• Directed by: Gus Van Sant• Written by: Matt Damon & Ben Affleck• Cinematography by: Jean-Yves Escoffier- Did you know?When Robin Williams and Matt Damon were shooting the scene on the bench in the Public Garden, in the movie, it seems like they're the only people in the park. Robin Williams being a massive star, there were, at one point, over three thousand people out there, watching that scene. Matt Damon Robin Williams Ben Affleck Good Will Hunting

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