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5 Things That Only Highly Sensitive People Truly Understand

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Baudelaire, Nietzsche, Joyce, Camus, Kafka, they all had one thing in common- they understood the darkness, the illusions in life. The complexity of life, which a normal pedestrian would discard as merely fanciful thinking, was their life.

They understood, because they were deeply sensitive about everything that was happening around them. Their thoughts weren’t just conducive to theirs; it focused on the entire population. They were deep thinkers, for their entire life was devoted to finding the meaning- the reason behind everything.

But, are you equally thoughtful, and sensitive? Let’s find out.

1. Reasoning everything.

You like to reason and analyze everything, for you think everything happens for a reason, and it is your duty to find it. Sometimes, you introspect so deep, that you start feeling depressed about yourself, and keep thinking that you amount to nothing.

2. Trying to make sense of everything.

You always try to mean everything so that it makes sense to you. You believe that every action gives us knowledge, knowledge of how to act, and how to live. You try to experience that.

3. Being serious.

You are always serious. Trying to reason and mean behind every action and human responses takes a toll on your funny bone, as you do not know if the situation warrants a laugh or not. But, interpretation is subjective to the individual, and they believe that being comedic, would make light of something that needs deeper thinking.

4. Not ‘Beyond Good And Evil’.

Deep thinkers always see the world as either positive, or negative. Darkness or light; Heaviness or lightness. They are staunch zealots of what they believe to be true, and they wouldn’t budge from it. It’s either all, or nothing.

5. Idealism 

They think that the world should work according to their ideals, which they believe to be conducive to the workings of earth. They believe in certain values, that they believe to be true. Their idealistic ideas thrive, or exist in their own company, and they expect utopia in a world that doesn’t believe in it.

Deep thinkers, crave love, affection, and adoration of someone who would love and understand them more than they did themselves.  But, they sometimes forget, that the road they have chosen is fraught with obstacles, and they have to walk alone.

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