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Can The New Moon In Libra Cause Mood Swings

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by Conscious Reminder

A New Moon is coming and it’s heading towards Libra. Will it affect us? Well, as all kinds of cosmic interactions, it will have some effect on you.

But the most important question is, will it affect our moods? That’s a difficult thing to answer. After all, moods are really relative in nature.

Unless you have a birth chart which is affected by the Lunar influences, you have the ability to keep your mood under control. The thing is, most of our moods depend on the affects the lunation process brings with it. So how will Libras be affected by the New Moon. That is what we are supposed to find out before we go into the different swings of mood.

How will it affect Libras

First off, we must remember that Libra is a cardinal sign. This means that it represents the seasonal changes. Doesn’t it fall near the autumnal equinox? You must have noticed how the seasons fluctuate and change when the autumnal equinox comes. Surprisingly enough, the autumnal equinox also has equal length of daytime and night time. What does that mean? Yes, Libra is also a symbol for balance. It’s not some kind of cosmic coincidence either. Libra is an air sign, and comes second and is the door to the second half of the zodiac wheel. So you see how Libra often acts as a mediator? Relationships are important for Libras.

Planet of Libras

It’s hardly new though. Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus which stands for Love, Beauty, relationship and values. So, because of this Venusian influence, Libras will always be a bit relationship driven. So how does this present New Moon affect the Libras this time? The new moon this time shows the entry into the first lunar face – this is the time for the new. The lunar influence will provide you Libras with the energy to start new intentions, new relationships or something new which you’d definitely love to experience. After all, the cosmic time is right for it to happen.

When Venus is Retrograde

However, during the time of the New Moon, Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio. That is bad news for Venus. After all, Venus and Scorpio don’t match at all. Venus is all for love, airy exchanges and beauty while Scorpio is ablaze with passion and emotionally charged. When these two celestial bodies exchange it’s clear that there will be a rise of something new – a dangerous combination – a femme fatale.

When the planets combine

With the intensity of the Scorpio and Venus being retrograde, there will be some reassessing time that the Scorpios should start putting into. They may confront their exes, or start getting into some uncomfortable situations especially related to the past, especially loved one. Especially, when retrogrades do happen, they will always try to bring up the past for some reason. It may have some positive growth but most of us would love to leave the past buried.

Time of Libras

For Libras however, the cosmic energy has provided a much better hand. They will be filled with the magical energy of the lunation and will have the courage to form some new relations. Libra is the energy of Love, and so they will have to be a reminder of a platonic or romantic relationship. Maybe there will be a need to talk through and readjust with your partner? Maybe there should be a measurement of you worth? What are the core values that you are dealing with? This is the time for Libras to start questioning themselves.

For Libras, this Lunar moon is especially important. It may not always help them to create new relationships, but it will help them introspect. Most importantly, it will help them fall in love with themselves. There’s nothing higher than that. Love yourself because you are worth it.

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