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Today Is The Most Spiritually Intense New Moon Of The Year: Stay Open To New Possibilities

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by Conscious Reminder

Today, October 8th, 2018, the New Moon rises in Libra. This New Moon foretells of wealth, success and respect that will come your way. So, there is a lot of positive takeaways during this period.

But of course, you will have to work through it. There may be a struggle in your mind as well, due to some cultural notions that have been placed. But we will have to go through it too and make sure they don’t affect us too much.

Wealth and Fortune

This is the time when you should be open-minded. There will be different kinds of ideas that will be coming your way, and you can convert these to good opportunities for riches and honor.

However, there will be occasions when you will be distracted or tempted – and you must fight those. This success will be a slow, plodding one but a good one if you are wise enough.

Death is not so bad

With this new moon, we will be entering into the land of Death. Don’t get scared. This is a preconceived notion planted in our heads by the Western civilization that death is something to be scared of. Never! The Native people were not afraid of death.

They called it the other side of Life. So true. It is a cycle of birth and death and we should not shut out doors on death due to our personal fears. We have learned a lot about ourselves due to our other fears and addictions. It is time that we let go of our fear of death and start accepting it – and then we can let the new come in with it.

Planting your ideas

Farmers too understand the need for the new. They plan their harvests based on the moon cycles and the best seeds are planted when there is a New Moon. So, the New Moon is the time for you to plant ideas or intentions.

They will be sprouting by the time they reach the Full Moon but before that, we should allow it to go through the required gestation period. The Moon cycles should be followed to allow the proper formation and implementation of ideas.

This is the period of fresh starts, of a new relationship, of planting ideas and giving up of old ways. This New Moon should be accepted with all its beautiful energy and the optimism it offers should be taken up and used in real life. The New Moon brings with it joy and growth. What more do you need!

Happy New Moon!

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