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Venus Retrograde, Karmic Debts And Transformation: October Has Just Started Getting Intense

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by Conscious Reminder

On October 5, Venus went into retrograde in the sign Scorpio, and karma is already on its way to collect the debts.

The signs are there, and it’s easily noticeable through the major events happening all over the world, like the sexual allegation against Brett Kavanaugh (now the Supreme Court Judge) filed by Christine Blaise Ford; the imprisoned Bill Cosby; and the damaged reputation of the Pope due to the exposed sex scandal in the Catholic Church.

On the personal front, did you face something pertinent that might have occurred? Something very provoking and compelling? Venus is known for its survival instincts. The aspects you might be dealing with could be addiction, sex and sexuality in your relationship, personal transition and financial aspects.

Evidently, last time similar things happened was during the retrogradation period in 2010. It’s been speculated that either you might feel the same theme with different experience, or the present movement of Venus might complete the circle. Things and experiences that were left unresolved from eight years back.

Someone or something might show up and that’s not just irrelevant. The transit calls for deep introspection and evaluation done at a critical level. The movement can lead you towards the darker aspects of your desire, like, jealousy, cheating, self-destruction, delving into addiction, abuse of power, etc.

However, the other facet of the re-evaluation of this movement is that after facing the darker aspect we are exposed to experience the light. The dilemma we might face can be resolved with the help of the transit.

With the advent of December, Venus has two options for movement- through a skipped step or its relationship with karmic axis. This means that we still have time to face the threshold. We have the opportunity till November to run up against it.

Venus retrograding into Libra calls for the imbalances in your life. You might face problems in your relationship, moral values, political alliances, expectations, etc.

The third Mars/Venus activation trigger of this year happened on October 10. Along with the other two that happened in February 25 and September 8, the third one might be beneficial for you. Mars/Aquarius transit can affect your personal desire, will, impulses or intuitions.

The last Venus/Mars trigger brings the time where you can utilize the opportunity in your favour or in terms of collective community. For instance, we see the legalization of Marijuana in Canada that once was a legal commodity before 1923. We witnessed this judgement while Venus was still in retrograde.

From October 23 to 31, observe the numerous events happening all over the world. Peeling the layers out, the Sun moves from Libra to Scorpio on October 23, and Venus transits from Scorpio to Libra on October 31. The above listed movements of the sun-sign with the dates and times might affect the socio-political, personal as well as the economic dimensions in your life.

After its discovery in 1930, Pluto will cross the plane of the Sun’s path for the second time on October 31 this year. Interestingly, we faced the Great Depression while its first crossing!

So, here you are with all the information you require to move ahead in the month of October. Understand the movement of your sun sign to regulate the personal as well as professional aspects of your life.

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