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The All-Consuming Love Of Venus In Scorpio

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When Venus is in Scorpio, they’re just swept by the waves of love. It’s dark and it’s a really frightening time for them. They can’t trust the universe anymore.

They sit in the dark, brooding. Of course, we can understand all this? Love makes them feel all the different ways – especially when they don’t know if it’s mutual.

That’s what makes them afraid though. They can’t take the pain of unreciprocated love – they bleed from it. It could kill them.

The Hopeless Romantic

For a Venus in Scorpio, the distance from their beloved is too much to take. Worse, if they find their beloved in the arms of another. Nothing can stop their pain then.

It’s no wonder if they spend these times listening to emotional music, staying in the dark and pouring their feelings in verse or writings. They are dreaming of a Hollywood-type relationship with their beloved. Something out of the movies. There’s a solace in it, to be honest. If only it becomes mutual.

And when it does…

A Venus is Scorpio can consume their lover. They will want to strip you and reveal your inner soul. They will fetch into your minds and bring out all the taboos you wished to hide from the world forever. No, there’s nothing you can hide from them. They will gaze into your eyes and bring out your inner world. Freeze time wherever both of you are standing.

A love that never leaves

A Venus in Scorpio will love you like a vampire – eternally tortured, they are hungry and they will possess you with their hunger. There will be sleepless nights. They are such lovers that you’ll be awestruck with their love. You can’t get them out of your head.

They will appear in your dreams and possess you with their love. Confusion will rush into your mind when you think about them. You can’t escape them, not even in the bedroom will they leave you alone. Such is their love! They will lock you in their sights and never let you go.

An Unbreakable Bond

Feeling desired, yet? A marriage with a Venus in Scorpio is the ultimate thing – a complete merging of souls. Such a bond with a Venus in Scorpio will be completely unbreakable. Trust is important for Venus in Scorpio. I believe trust is important for you too. But imagine the faith they have in such a bond. Return it. They would want that.

A Venus in Scorpio will worship you till your death and even beyond. Be ready to be immortal in their art. Their hunger knows no end. Their love – something one experiences once in a lifetime.

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