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11 Signs That You Are Descendant Of A Fairy Bloodline

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, you probably thought that you might actually origin from fairies. According to some traditions, the possibility that the ones we consider to be humans are fairy children is huge.

The three common ways in which fairy children become a part of our human world are:

• A female individual was having sexual intercourse with a male fairy and then gets pregnant. He can know or cannot know that the partner has been a fairy;
• A fairy steals a baby from a human and then replaces the baby with her own fairy baby. This is called the changeling.
• In different cases, the vortex which causes souls to come in other material bodies is then formed, so there are the chances that it is going to be quite powerful to raise very high and take the souls from the fairy ones and not the human ones.

However, in cases where a fairy child believes to be a human one, it is going to have these 11 characteristics:

1. Seductive and captivating gaze.

When you put your eyes on a fairy child, you will feel hard to take your look from it. The reality is that this may actually awake lustful or romantic desires for human beings, but sometimes is simply not the case.

2. Captivating personality.

Their personality can sometimes be unusual or also cranky, but, nonetheless, seductive. Once again, human beings are going to feel that, no matter of their sexual orientation or gender.

3. Lower body temperature.

The temperature of their body can be lower than in human beings. However, this can or cannot be scientifically proven. It means that these creatures can have a normal temperature of the blood, but they are cooler when you touch them. Also, they can have an even lower temperature.

4. Strange relationship with their sleep.

These beings may sleep just for several hours; however, that is not because of insomnia. They merely sleep just as they need. They need only several hours in order to feel entirely rested and also be active during the entire day.

5. Feeling of not belonging in this particular world.

This, in fact, may take several different forms. Sometimes, they can feel that their partners are actually not the real ones. Also, they can feel like they are coming from another distant world, or also from the stars.

6. Feeling comfortable with invisible friends.

Almost all of their time, they hang out with their friends, the ones that are invisible. When they grow up in the human world, however, they learn how to hide that fact within them, but they never outgrow that habit.

7. Animals, babies, and toddlers adore them.

This actually applies to every fairy, no matter of the age. In fact, a fairy child will not do anything to gain such love, and they can also attempt to avoid them. However, children, as well as animals adore and love them.

8. Engaging  spirituality and metaphysics while still young.

They will do this although it appears abnormal in their environment and family. Moreover, they can also be talented in this field.

9. Hearing white noises in the ears.

This is not unusual for them as they experience it frequently. Also, in times they engage in divination or metaphysical practices, or also receiving some predictions about future dangers or other events, the phenomenon can become even stronger.

10. Naturally gifted healers.

Frequently, they find themselves in situations of using bioenergies, discovering and learning how to utilize them on their own. Moreover, they can be gifted in some semi-energy healing methods such as massage.

11. Sensitive to different fields.

The fairy children often have greater sensitivity in magnetic, electric, and also electromagnetic fields and in the sunlight.
So, when most of the characteristics which we mentioned above are present, the possibility that you come from a fairy bloodline is very high. However, this can mean that you had a fairy ancestor, and you are still a normal ‘human’ being that has fairy blood in the veins.

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