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Want To Do Something Amazing? Don’t Be Afraid To Fail Big

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

How many times have you woken up in the morning motivated to do something great and given up by the time the day was over? How many times have you had a great idea and you gave up at the first bump you hit on the road? 

Resilience is a key ingredient in anybody’s success. If you can pick your self up and figure out how you can get back in the game after you experience a major flop, you have figured out the recipe for greatness.

Thomas Edison conducted 10 000 failed experiments before he invented the lightbulb. Was he afraid to fail? Steve Jobs dropped out of college after only one semester. It didn’t stop him from building the technological giant Apple.

I found this great commencement speech actor Densel Washington gave at the University of Pennsylvania. Below you can read a small excerpt of what he said to the graduates:

“If I’m going to fall, I don’t want to fall back on anything except my faith. I wanna fall forward. I figure at least this way, I’ll see what I’m going to hit. Fall forward!” Denzel Washington

“Most people allow their fear of failure, 80% allow their fear of failure drive away their desire to succeed. If you’re willing to fail again and again and again, If you make up your mind that nothing will stop you, if you make up your mind to become a no-matter-what person then that will then give birth to a part of yourself that you don’t know.

What really got me thinking is the catchphrase he keeps using – FALL FORWARD. Here’s the truth. If you are going places, if you are doing things, if you are stretching your comfort zone, failure is bound to happen. It happens to everyone who takes a risk to make the first step. Failure is part of the deal actually.

The good thing about it is that failure is fixable. But you can’t fix something you haven’t experienced. You can’t undo something you haven’t tried. And if you are not failing, it means you are not pushing yourself hard enough. You are not aiming for the stars.

All that time you are spending being afraid and thinking about how not to fail, you could be spending finding your passion and colling. And there is only one way of doing it. TRIAL and ERROR.

Fall forward. See what you are falling onto and accept your current situation (huge accent on current). Nothing is forever, not even failure. Perspective is everything. Change your perception and watch things around you take a new shape. Don’t fall on your safety net. It has a name. It’s called your comfort zone.

But comfort zones are not made of big dreams and big dreams take courage. To dream big means to take risks. To dream big means not to be afraid to fail big.

Take a look at this amazingly inspirational video. I hope it helps you make the mind shift you were looking for. Enjoy!

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