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12 Traits To Look For In A Person With An Intense Personality

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by Conscious Reminder

Not all people are the same. Some people are born with the ability to strike out in a crowd of commoners, courageous, with a sense of stronghold individuality and ambitious. Their actions can seem powerful to those around him.

As a result, everyone tries to modify and change the surrounding around them and their life for their own good. Introspection of your own personality helps you in every aspect of your life.

Here are 12 signs to search in you which will confirm whether your basic foundation is weak or strong:

1. You speak with confidence

You have conviction and utter belief in your sayings and thoughts. You have logic behind every word you say and this reflects a good impression on others.

2. You are firm in your belief

You always say what you exactly mean. The words you choose to say influences others. You don’t just ramble unnecessary words. You’re crisp, sharp and smart.

3. You aren’t a people pleasing

Pleasing others for your own needs isn’t your cup of tea because you don’t need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. You have a wholly genuine character with no superficiality.

4. You don’t believe in luck

Luck and fortune, are both false concepts that you hardly believe in. You refrain from giving excuses and only believe in immense hard work.

5. You are extremely moody

The different moods get reflected in your behavior and your health, and also determine the way you perceive and explore this world.

6. You don’t owe anyone anything

You are a believer in individuality. You don’t do things to please others, you have your own goals and don’t take anything for granted. You have learnt to respect everything.

7. You are both introvert and extrovert

You exhibit both traits which makes you unique and special from the rest. You know when to keep silent and when to burst out with your charisma.

8. No pain no gain

You know how nothing is achieved without a bit of sweat and toil. You don’t prefer escaping with the help of money, love, sex and know how to keep control.

9. You don’t worry about your past

Your past is always in your past. You don’t look back. Everything has happened for your own good. It’s all done and dusted. Instead you simply forge ahead with your ambitions to build a better future.

10. A no means a no

You’re firm on your decisions. Once you deny something, you don’t desire for it again. Your opinions don’t swing, they hold strong grounds.

11. You are emotionally strong

You know how to recover from bad emotions, a heartbreak or a loss. You don’t delve in them for long. You have the capacity to not remain stuck in one place.

12. You are always on your toes

You are alert about things happening around you. You recognize opportunistic people easily or those who judge you as materialistic and fake. You don’t pay any heed to them.

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