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Being Alone Doesn’t Mean That You Have To Be Lonely

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Loneliness is consciousness, an excellent benefit surely. We are actually not supposed to do something which is going to please other people, but we are only with ourselves, which is a real blessing.

Imagine that you were called to satisfy the wishes and needs of other people and you spend your life working for them too. Undoubtedly, when you are not given something you deserved, you will feel quite frustrated. You did a lot, but nobody accepted that.

Compared to the time when the admired intelligence is going to create the time for you being yourself, no one else, only you with the entire Universe, or you and the Higher Self of yours, now, you will be able to dance and sign to the own rhythm, as well as rhyme you created. Then, all your efforts will not attract some false acceptance and appreciation, but instead a natural link with divine reintegration.

People that complain that they feel lonely as they do not have someone waiting for them in their home or a person to talk with, forget that it is, in fact, an excellent chance to discover their own self. Being alone is an excellent time for you –also, it will be a great fun.

The time of being alone is actually the best and a lovely time which God created only for yourself, to be together with God, to make a conversation, as well as meditate on the gift which your own body represents.

Also, it is a time for focusing on the center around the heart, as well as slowly and step by step witnessing the touches of the divine lights which touch you and awake you.

When not being alone, you will never know yourself in the best way. You will never see who you really are. You are going to feel lost in that crowd of people, and you will focus on searching for compliments – every time when they come across, you will feel happy, but you may not be.

However, unreal things never last, so this is going to disappear, and in that time, you are going to drop into the place of loneliness. It will be a condition of not really knowing the inexhaustible inside container of your own.

Of course, you should not feel lonely, but only shift the mind from your lower to your higher self inside of you and then you are going to see that it is an excellent period of life, as you are going to have the ability to fulfill all those promises which you actually made to God at the time you arrived on this planet and you were born as a human being, in order to realize who you really are.

You should enjoy your time alone, as well as forget all the conspiracies of your mind about loneliness. 

You were born in the world alone, and you are going to leave it alone too. You just have to enjoy the journey with all those people that come on your path, but when being alone, you just have to believe that it is time you will spend with your Higher Self.

Therefore, you should be alone and not lonely.

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