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Are You Feeling Disconnected? Here Is An Exercise For Quick Grounding Wherever You Are

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by Conscious Reminder

A bi-directional relationship is the one between our body and our mind. Bi-directional actually means that it goes in both ways.

This can be utilized for various purposes, such as visualizing health improvements, improving our cardiovascular system, cultivating compassion and kindness, and even boosting the immunity through developing some positive mindsets.

We can also improve our self-esteem and confidence if we hold and move our body in some ways which will reflect such states.

So, a straightforward hack in order to keep ourselves grounded would employ the bi-directional relationship. This relationship actually uses visualization and holds an appropriate posture of the body.

The key would be to imagine a column or cord of light or energy running from our head’s top, down to our spine, and right down in the earth as more profound as we can imagine.

Visualizing the column or cord in this particular way will help us direct our mind, in order to focus our attention on the current moment, in that way helping us feel grounded, and putting our body in the appropriate posture.

Moreover, it can help us heighten our concentration. We should all try the specific exercise shown below.

A particularly easy exercise which will help in grounding us wherever we are:

1. First of all, we should stand or sit somewhere we will feel comfortable, and shut our eyes.

2. Then, we should imagine a column or cord of light or energy starting from our head’s top and seeing how it runs down our spine.

3. After that, we should relax our shoulders, and also hold our back straight. We should imagine that this column or cord helps us keep our back in the straightened posture.

4. After it reaches our spine’s bottom, we should imagine how the cord runs down our legs, and our feet, the place where these two ends will rejoin.

5. After that, we should imagine the column or cord moving as more profound as we can imagine. We may even take it towards the Earth’s center if we want to.

6. Then, we should picture the entire column or cord, running from our head’s top to profound into Earth, and also hold a relaxed, but also strong posture. We should feel the strength of it along our spine.

7. We should hold the posture and image and take about three profound breaths. We should repeat this every time we feel unfocused or anxious.

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