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Twin Flames & Marriage: I Do! or Do I?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Human beings are complex creatures, yet they are governed by something so very simple- love. This makes the relationship between two twin flames so beautiful, and yet so intriguing.

Since we are mostly programmed to live our lives trying to find love, the question escalates into something even more mystifying- what sort of a relationship are we expected to keep with our twin flame?

As A Life Partner

This is tricky. On one hand, we know our twin flame is fated to be our eternal companion. They play this role throughout eternity, always entwined with us. But, you need to realize that they might not be playing the same role in this life too.

In fact, you might be the one with a relationship at the moment, or you might be married to someone. Do you really want to let go of a stable relationship for something that is vague? On the other hand, you might also not be happy in that particular relationship, for they are not really your twin flame.

The Path We Take

The path we walk on is always tricky and never similar to everyone. It is a shoe that would fit a particular person at a particular time. Most cases, we don’t even know where to go, or what to look for.

This is where we need to be attuned to the workings of the Universe, by relying on our spirit guide. Remember, if you are ever in a fix regarding your relationship with your twin flame, spend time meditating or contemplating about this relationship itself.

The Trap

We might all be addicted to the importance of a twin flame in our life that might lead us to take wrong decisions again and again. It is because we might be an imbalance with our connection to the spirit guide.

And when faced with the question ‘Should we marry our supposed twin flame?’ we would mostly say yes because we believe this is what we need. Don’t rush into it, for it could break any existing relationship that you have.

Take your time, think about it, answer every question, tick every box, and then find out if that is what you really want.

Do They Ever Get Married?

The question of their union together is very debatable. On one hand, it makes up for a perfect relationship, on the other, it could get very damaging. The only thing preventing one from making a giant mistake is getting the knowledge necessary to make this decision.

Yes, some twin flames get married, and honestly, that would be the ideal scenario in any case. They are completely in sync with the other’s idiosyncrasies, they share a connection that goes beyond the normal connection that most relationships share.

They are wholly intimate on a completely different level, which is both physical and mental. They understand each other, have a telepathic connection, and have all the makings of a perfect relationship.

But not all the time.

Not every twin flame relationship has to end up in marriage. And there could be a number of reasons for this- distance, age gap, gender, so on and so forth. The thing to remember is that twin flames aren’t meant to get married.

It is perfectly fine to have a twin flame relationship that doesn’t extend to marriage. In most cases, one twin flame might be so much older than the other that it would be society itself prohibiting their union.

Different Kinds Of A Twin Flame Relationship

A twin flame relationship can take place in various ways. Many of those are often platonic.

The basic is of a monogamous relationship between two consenting adults, that leads to marriage. It is perfect, it is beautiful, you live happily ever after.

Or, maybe not always- you might not end up with them in this lifetime, but it is fine.

The next comes the relationship between a teacher and a student. The age gap is so significant that it completely excludes any romantic connotation to the relationship. In fact, the teacher shares their life experiences to the much younger student, from a strictly platonic place.

Then there is the bond of a best friend relationship, where your twin flame is a best friend. But remember to keep your partner for this lifetime and your partner for all lifetimes separate, as it leads to problems of jealousy coming up. But the bond would be pretty strong.

You also have the familial twin flame relationship, where the twin flame is your sibling.

But remember, there is no strict way to deal with this. It is your life, so you need to do it in a way that suits you.

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