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This Is How The Pink Supermoon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The April Full Moon in Libra will light up the sky on 7th April during the peak of Aries season. It is the climax of the first lunar cycle this Spring and it is a Pink Supermoon, the biggest one of in 2020. The lunar energy is quite powerful and it empowers our emotional self.

During this period, there will be a square between Uranus and Mars – a square that can mean chaos and unexpected conflict. However, the Libra energy, powering up with the Full Moon, will help bring balance in such matters and make you more judicious. You might even find yourself in a judicious place when it comes to stress management.

Here is how the April Full Moon will affect each zodiac sign:


You might be focusing too much on your relationship, and in the process, you are forgetting your own needs. You might be facing some problems in your office space. It’s time to open your eyes and ears, pay attention to what’s happening, and solve your issues through communication with your boss and peers. If you are craving for friendship, go on a one-to-one phone call or video chat.


You need to find a balance between love and work. Focusing only on love or only on work will ultimately make your life more stressful. Maintain a proper work-life balance. This is the period when you can go for a creative project. Prioritize your health, and try to talk with your friends too. Online yoga classes can help with your mental peace.


Since love is in the air for you, go virtual and try to flirt with others. Find your love online. When it comes to your career, be creative and find new ways of solving things. You have great ideas and the talent to implement them – use it in your favor. While you can’t go out, you can collaborate with your friends online, and engage in a fun activity. Enjoy!


There is a chance of opening yourself up to your partner. Let them know what you are thinking, and they will love you more for it. If you are working from your home, you should also have an office space where you can work, and another space where you can relax. Your friends are like your family – so, get online and have a chill with them.


Drop your ego and start communicating more with your partner. It will deepen your love for one another. With the lunar energy all set up, it’s time to use your networking skills to explore new business avenues and grow your career. Be clear about your intentions. Don’t listen to rumors and gossip about your friends. Keep friendship drama out of your system.


It’s time to show your love to your partner by giving them a token of your love. It can be anything, but it surely will boost their love for you. When it comes to your career, be confident, and don’t lose out on your self-esteem. Know your worth, and talk in those terms. This is a great time to filter the good friends from the bad ones. So, get ready to have fewer ‘true’ friends on your friendslist.


While you would love to put your partner before anything else, maybe, now is the time to put your own needs forward. You have a lot of good ideas – take the help of the lunar energy, be confident, and push yourself forward in your professional goals. While you love your friends, there are times when you need to put in some boundaries. Being selfish, at times, can help you.


You are feeling a spiritual depth with your partner, so now is the time to be vulnerable, and support each other. However, in your office space, you are leaking a lot of energy. Time to put in some boundaries and not get exhausted by all of it. Many close friends might come to you for advice but at this moment, you may not have a clear mind to be empathetic. Focus on yourself now.


You wish to meet your lover but can’t during this lockdown. So, engage in a virtual date over Facetime or join a club with your lover. In your workplace, it’s time to engage in some teamwork. So, collaborate with others, and you can come across great ideas. Friends can be a great source of inspiration and courage for you. You can even lean on them for extra support.


Set some time for your partner and use the lunar energy to bring a spark to your romance. Your work projects might suddenly be put on hold and make you worry about your future, but try not to stress yourself. Focus on your friends, and they will help bring harmony back to your life.


Love is in your mind, and you will make your love work out some way or another, even if you are locked in your home. However, you can also put in some time in learning some new skills to forward your career. Don’t argue or create unnecessary drama with your friends – you’d need their support.


Listen to your intuition, and it will bring clarity to your love life. You may have to make some hard choices when you are in the office but set the boundaries, be confident, and speak up. Friendships are a great way to tackle stress. So, open up a virtual meeting with your close friends and catch up with one another.

May the Pink Supermoon make you brave and judicious about your future. Best of luck.

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