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13 Signs You’ve Been Building A Relationship With An Evil Person

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

No matter if it is just a friendship or a romantic relationship, seeing the following red flags means that you should immediately run…

Refusing to see some perspective or reality beyond theirs.

What these people believe is true will be a single truth themselves. They never take into consideration the perspectives or thoughts of others. These individuals are selfish, believing in their perspective only, automatically invalidating the ones of others.

Manipulating others to do everything they want.

Such people don’t have any problem with utilizing others as objects or tools in order to get everything they would like to. They simply think of their own self, and, depending on how frequently they are getting what they really want, in fact, they will not care about others.

Lying about everything, to gain some advantage or escape troubles.

Deceiving others is not hard for them at all. They are disrespectful, so they never think about if someone deserves the truth. Also, they will lie on purpose in order to get out of some difficult situation.

Never apologizing or recognizing wrongdoings committed by them.

These people consider themselves like they are perfect individuals. They believe that they don’t have the ability to do some wrong things. Most of the time, they think they are exceptional, being above every apology. According to them, every single think they do is quite right. Knowing they are wrong, they will be proud and never apologize.

Concealing the truth, as well as motivations, at some convenient times.

They are not just lying, but also conceal the truth most of the times. Saying one thing, while their heart feels a different one – these people are aware that they actually possess the upper hand every time they do not show all the cards.

Never respecting the time of others as they respect theirs.

They make others wait on purpose, but they will never really wait for others. Talking about time, these people are always selfish. Simply, they want others to adjust to those schedules which they created. Also, they believe that the time of others is not the one that matters.

Always requiring other people’s attention.

These are needy people, so they need constant validation from other people. Also, they are quite insecure, so they need others to pay some attention on them, as they will feel valuable and important.

Acting irresponsibly regularly.

Without even thinking about every result, they say or do everything they would like to. Also, they don’t think of how their behaving or action will harm others. They don’t think about how those said words will scar others that hear them.

Not acting like their real self most of the time.

These people always hide something. So, they will still suppress the real person they are. In fact, they are never going to permit to feel vulnerable as they don’t really want others to have those powers on them. Manipulation is in their blood, and they actually know that when not showing their real self, no one can ever manipulate them.

Never making efforts about keeping the trust of others.

Every time others trust them, they will never try to keep the trust. They will break promises right and left on purpose. So, they tell one thing, but simply said, they do not have the ability to back that thing up with concrete and real actions. They don’t really care about that.

Feeling entitled to the kindness or good treatment of everyone.

These people believe they are the universe’s center. So, every time someone criticizes them or shames then for a bad thing they did will really upset them. According to them, when someone does not like them, that person is not okay.

Manufacturing their realities out of nowhere.

In order to make others believe that they are crazy, they are going to do everything. For example, they are going to manufacture truths and even make it look like others are the ones that lie.

Rarely feeling remorse or guilt about something terrible they do.

These people don’t care about the feelings of other people. Simply, they live their life without even thinking of the type of effects they could have on this world. Also, they do everything they want – even knowing about their selfish side or their destructive or toxic nature, they don’t care at all.

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1 comment

Ausrine December 10, 2018 - 5:33 am

Sound more like; a weakened, personality disordered, mentally ill, ‘bad shame’ consumed person. This article is conflating a series of behaviours with immorality when they might just be driven by core self damage. Core self damage can be repaired. Abhorrent behaviours can be resolved or improved on. Good shame/self compassion based therapy is a start.
It’s not easy to be on the chronic receiving end of abhorrent behaviour. In most cases, the healing and treatment of this kind of behaviour is best left to specialists. It is self loving to remove yourself from any situation or person who can’t consistently commit to; personal accountability, striving to do better and working towards a relationship of loving kindness with themselves. Evil might be overstating the case here.


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