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If You Say ‘Yes’ To 8 Or More Of These Statements, You Are A Real Indigo Child

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The ones that are born in the middle 1960s, the Indigo children, in fact, are the people that have old or ancient souls. These people have been born in order to rise out planet’s vibrations, as well as drag our humanity in the enlightenment era.

The purpose of Indigo children is actually to love, as well as to create harmonious and peaceful environments, for example at their homes or workplaces too. Some of them become teachers, counselors, healers or therapists, but they have the capacity of working in different social sectors, giving their little efforts in making this world more loving, as well as better place.

Something more about Indigo children.

This is a term which has been coined for the first time in the 1970s by one writer, as well as aura reader, named Nancy Ann Tappe after she noticed that numerous children had been born with some indigo auras or better known as energy fields.

They were spiritually different and mature from other peers – they were showing signs of some psychic capacities at an early age, and were also born with the unbelievable and deep-rooted need of doing something specific with their own lives. These people are supposed to break down the systems, such as fixing unfair and unpleasant situations, as well as bringing fairness and love to this world.

As Indigos are rebels, sometimes it is difficult for them to do the things they are expected and supposed to do. It is difficult for them to conform, so they usually spend a lot of years in moving from one place to another, and also searching for something which will feel like home. Most of them are also late developers, such as finding their real love much later in their life or discovering their unique talents in their 40s, 50s, or even 60s.

So, at the time when they will discover their sense of home, they are going to make up for all those lost times and usually spend their last years in a happy and beautiful fulfillment.

In order to discover out if you are an Indigo child, read the statements from below, and see if 8 or even more of them could be applied to you:

1. I really don’t like following any rules at all.

2. I am quite an impatient individual, so I cannot do something which makes me feel as I waste my time.

3. Taking some orders from other people or also listening to authorities is difficult for me.

4. Socializing is boring for me unless I spend my time with several close individuals who I call ‘my tribe.’

5. I certainly know when something is wrong and when it is right, so there is no need of anyone else explaining that to me at all.

6. There are people who think I’m strange as I’m moving around constantly, going from one place to another, in order to find out where I really belong.

7. I am a person that is sensitive to smells, chemicals, as well as industrial fabrics.

8. My mental capacities are natural – sometimes, I know something without any explanation or reason.

9. My childhood was not easy at all, but as I was misunderstood continuously, it helped me to become the person I am now.

10. All the time, I had a profound desire to discover my life’s purpose, to see where can I help the most and be with people that understand me best.

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1 comment

Miki December 13, 2018 - 9:14 pm

As opposed to a fake indigo child??
“If you say yes to 8 or more of these statements, you are an indigo child”. FTFY.


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