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Capricorn Season Horoscopes: Contemplating Upon The Karma From 2018

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by Conscious Reminder

The entry of the Sun into the sign of Capricorn on the 21st of December marked the official beginning of the winter season, and also the longest night of this year.

However, the December Solstice is a time when the lights get back, and the Sun God is reborn. This is an ancient holiday, which is a period of celebration and profound reflection.

Capricorn is an earth sign, and it is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is the Lord of Karma. However, although a dark season, we may attain divine wisdom if we contemplate upon the lessons that karma gave us in 2018. Also, it will be a time for incubating new and different visions about 2019. Take a look at your horoscope and learn something more:


During this period, people in the sign of Aries will be motivated to pay attention on their success achieving process. Also, if they were in the wrong way, now it will be the period of resetting their course and walking in the right direction.


For people in the sign of Taurus, this will be an excellent time for broadening their horizons, as well as expanding their vision, no matter if they do that through mental, spiritual, or physical journeys. They will also clarify their spiritual values and beliefs.


During this period, people in this sign will connect with others profoundly, and they may even get more serious, as well as committed about partnerships. The will to explore and share their most profound emotions opens them a door to intimacy.


For this people, the Capricorn season brings opportunities for new love, or also for deepening their relationship from now. In order to reach their relationship goals, a realistic, systematic and pragmatic approach will work best.


The arrangement for the people in the sign of Leo for this month will be to become more organized, as well as efficient in their everyday routines. That will free their energy in order to pay attention on everything that is important, and not on stupid things.


The task that these people will have during December will be to clarify what makes them happy and also let go of something so they will make some space for what their heart really wishes for.


The focus of the people in this sign will be on strengthening their support base in order to give them the ability to accomplish the goals they have in the outer world. To be effective, they should clarify what they really need.


If people in the sign of Scorpio had a purpose to pay attention on speaking, writing, studying or also teaching, this is going to be the best time to do that. They will also remove some fears and obstacles within them, and then move forward.


In 2018, people in this sign created a new start, and in the new year, it will be time to get more practical when it comes to sustaining their vision. Careful plans on a financial level can actually create a strong support base for the year that comes.


As this is the season of Capricorn, people in this sign should ask themselves how they can present themselves to this world in the most effective way. There are also transformational times in front of them.


The birthday year of this people is about to end, so it will be the time to relax, rest, as well as recover for the rebirth of the following months. What is going to help them come to a more profound stillness will be music, meditation, dance, and poetry.


These people should look at their friends, particularly the ones that are older and wiser than them in order to help them gain practical wisdom when it comes to making their dreams become reality. So, reaching out, as well as involving with their community is going to energize their vision.

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