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Capricorn Season Is At The Doors: Getting Ready To Embark On A New Journey

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by Conscious Reminder

Capricorn season arrives on the 21st of December. Represented by the mountain goat, this, tenth zodiac is hardworking, a bit serious and practical. It tackles the rocky mountain road with its strong hooves and makes a point to reach its destination.

With the Sun moving into Capricorn, the benefit of our hard work will start bringing in some positive changes in our lives. Capricorn is also ruled by the problematic Saturn. It will lay many obstacles on our path. How do we deal with these?

The hard-working sign

As the end of the year is nearing, the December Solstice marks Capricorn as the most relevant sign of our lives. And it’s not going to fizzle out that easily. Considering the few eclipses and rare alignments that will take place in Capricorn, its energy will remain with us for 18 months.

So, buckle up and let’s work hard infused with its earthy energy. It’s not going to be easy, but Capricorn doesn’t intend to be easy-going. It wants to bring the best of us through work and show us that we are capable of doing it. The motivation and practicality of Capricorn are important in our lives, only if we pick our battles carefully.

The good under the garb of evil

Saturn rules Capricorn. In ancient astrology, Saturn was considered evil. It has a dominating presence and brings in all sorts of restrictions and challenges into our lives. An authoritarian personality, Saturn tries to rule and overwork us in any way he wants. Not really a merry planet, is it?

We could understand it better with a bit of enlarged perspective though. Think about it – the more obstacles we face, the more we learn from it. Our experiences become durable, our commitment stronger. The more the challenges we face, the more satisfying the victory becomes.

Saturn keeps us focused on our dream. We know we have to work hard to achieve what we want, but Saturn puts us on the field turning our thoughts into action. The strict restrictions make us disciplined, make us more grounded and give us a framework that can make us achieve anything in life – Commitment, Hard work, and Growth.

Setting your eyes on the aim

So, with the Capricorn season showering its energy upon us, it’s time to pick ourselves up and start working towards our goals. Our motivation should be on point – but above all, our battles should be correct.

If you love the idea of surfing but don’t like the roughness of the sea, it’s time to put your thinking caps on and wonder why you want to surf. Is it worth it? What is it that you want from your life? These are important questions.

While hard work and commitment is a set rule, you cannot give any motivation to your life unless you have a well-defined aim. Give your life a purpose, a destination towards which you can move forward. The battle can only be fought well if you know the reason to fight it.

A different perspective

Know that there are substitutes and they can be equally satisfying. We are often so obsessed with our fixed goals that we do not allow any other perspective to enter our minds.

We forget that life is not a problem with a fixed solution, it is a journey with hundreds of destinations – just choose one and proceed.

But don’t worry – there are many side routes, change it whenever you want. Most of all, enjoy the walk, experience the journey. Life is not as serious as we believe it to be – it has its ups and downs but that is what makes it exciting. Be one with it – and take it as it comes.

Even if you are not a Capricorn, this season will affect you since all the planets are within us. You may be more serious during this season and work hard towards the things you want. But make sure you find the fun in all of it – because life is not worth it without a sprinkle of joy added to it.

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