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September 2021 Full Moon In Pisces: Flow Like Water

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by Conscious Reminder

The September 2021 Full Moon in Pisces is this year’s dreamiest one. Its spell may make us feel extra intuitive, creative, and sensitive.

The Moon has a special affinity for water signs and Pisces is one of them. The ebbing and flowing of waves let the Moon express its potential energy to the fullest.

Astrologically, the Moon stands for our emotions. It rules over our body of emotions and has a strong link with our present feelings. The Moon also has a connection with feeling safe and secure.

Furthermore, the Moon also has a relation with feminine energy. During a Full Moon that is particularly potent, issues may arise regarding any relationship involving the feminine.

But, at the end of the day. Full Moon days are great for culmination and illumination. It is a lunar cycle’s peak, and the peak is where the climax takes place.

The Significance Of The Full Moon In Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces will be connected with events that happened during September’s New Moon in Virgo as well as March’s New Moon in Pisces. In fact, March’s New Moon in Pisces was the start of a story that is now reaching its peak.

Whatever unfolds, the chances are that it is near the end. Perhaps, you may really connect with and feel the culmination that is being offered.

Full Moons also provide a great time for energetic release. So if you have anything that should be released, this is a great time for setting down those intentions.

Neptune, which rules over intuition, dreams, and illusion, is also going to be active during the Pisces Full Moon. This can produce a bit of foggy energy. It might feel like walking inside a dense forest without much sense of direction.

Making decisions can be much tougher. Our emotions can also be evoked by this planet. Its presence may not let us analyze our feelings, but we might ebb and flow between emotional spaces.

This Full Moon Asks You To Be Close To Your Emotions

A Full Moon that is as watery as this one needs us to navigate it while being as honest and open as possible. Rational thinking may just increase our confusion.

However, instead of controlling our thoughts, if we let ourselves be guided by feelings, our intuition may just have the answers being sought. In several ways, the Full Moon in September is encouraging us to enter a space of feeling rather than stay cooped up in rationality.

A short exercise you can perform to embody this “feeling” space is by covering your heart with your hand and closing your eyes. Then ask yourself the 3 words that can be used to describe your current feelings. Don’t let your mind answer it. Rather let your heart come up with the answer. The answers may be surprising.

The Full Moon in Pisces along with Neptune’s energies, creates a wonderful combination for any artistic endeavour. However, all this support for creative dreams and intuition can feel overwhelming and make us emotionally unstable. This may appear as a desire to escape from life’s pressures. If such a need arises, then provide yourself with helpful outlets like journaling. But you will have to face reality sooner or later. Keep in mind that support is available if you want it.

Overall, this Full Moon is a time for intuition, creativity, and dreams. Let yourself explore the rhythms of emotion during this Pisces Full Moon. Accept everything flowing without judging it. Let it flow through in the form of a wave. Finally, trust the whispers and instincts that your intuition will convey afterwards.

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