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Full Cold Moon In Cancer, December 22nd: Accept Your Reality And Live In The Now

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Cold Moon is on her way, and with it, people will definitely feel different. The moon will be the most excellent way of closing this year. It is going to happen on December 22nd, and it will fall to zero degrees in Cancer.

It is going to be a beneficial and productive period. People are going to face positive energies and also realize with everything they did in this year which will come to its end soon.

At the time of the Full Moon period, the moon is going to be sextile Uranus, and that means that people are going to feel more open.

They are not going to worry or obsess about where they head or beat themselves down as of their past, but they are going to be present to the moment. Their routine can also change, and they can be following their instincts differently, and it is not going to be something bad or wrong at all.

Their mood can also change and become odd. But, they have to feel comfortable when expressing their original side of their personality. What is going to facilitate the excitement and change is lowering of their inhibitions.

In addition, this will make it easier for them to share feelings with their beloved, particularly after anger, as well as hostility from recent times. Also, this will be a reasonable period of breaking some old and unwanted habits and then replacing them with new and different things.

People are also going to find themselves being leaders and getting everything done. Also, curiosity is going to succeed in getting the best of them.

At this time, people have to accept emotions which come and also embrace connections which grow in their lives. They should come to the surface and show others around them who they really are.

Being more open is going to be better for them. Also, if they would like to move in the new year full with optimism, they will really have to do some things which they were putting off when they could.

Also, they should step back, as well as settle down for a while, and if they have to stop to even smell some roses, they should go for that. This Full Moon’s powers will put these people right where they have to be. Also, fighting will be entirely unnecessary, so they should just let that work the magic in their life.

People can check the video below in order to learn a lot more about the Full Moon period. They don’t have to feel afraid as the Full Moon is definitely going to be one which will hold events of this year, and it will also be the longest one.

At the start, it can feel quite odd a little bit, because the energies that come, everything is going to get itself out. People can finally discover the balance they were looking for.

They just have to believe in themselves and also the Universe, and they will move into 2019, so everything that happens now will define the beginning of the new year for them.

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