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Fear Is The Biggest Obstacle When It Comes To Manifesting The Things You Want

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When talking about twin flame runners, people will need good inner wisdom in order to recognize the line standing between faith and blind faith.

So, what is going to happen when your faith starts cracking down, and you think that it is only blind faith? Also, what would happen if you begin thinking that the bulletproof belief you had once was simply blindness? Or that you just hold onto dreams?

Every one of us was there in some period, repeatedly. You can feel how your heart pulls you towards a person or an experience, but after that, you will not see physical evidence of something changing. You will ask yourself if you are foolish and if you should hold on, as well as release expectations about a relationship. And, what would you like in such a situation?

This is just a test for you, and, it is not always the one of faith, but usually of self-love too. In such a situation, you should ask yourself if it helps you or hinders you, as well as if you are growing or only stagnating. Ask yourself if you feel trapped or liberated. Does that situation bring something to your life or it takes something away? 

Also, honestly ask yourself whether you would still hold on if you knew that this is never going to turn into the physical relationship you wanted. It is okay if you’re going to continue if physical connection is the thing you look for.

Also, there are numerous people that say you have to love everyone around you unconditionally, and also think it means to hold out for the twin flame and not permitting them to experience something else.

However, a difference between loving unconditionally and putting our life on hold actually exists. We may still love a person unconditionally and move on from him or her, as we realized that there is no relationship happening.

However, there are numerous people who are worried about missing out the time when their twin turns around and is with them right when they will move on. We have to be sincere with ourselves. We should ask ourselves if our twin flame indicated that he or she would turn around and commit to us. Also, we should think of the long time we were waiting without seeing any change.

Such connections try to aid us to relieve ourselves of the fears we have. There are a lot of people that hold on as a result of being afraid to come face to face with the probability of their partner not being the right one after all.

This is actually a possibility that our souls would like to take in consideration. If simply thinking about that makes you feel great panic, as well as dread, it is an obvious sign you will have to work on being good, regardless of what happens, as everything that is going to happen is going to be your greatest good too.

This is the true meaning of surrender. If you are brave, as well as strong enough to accept and realize that the possibility of not ending up with that person exists, you can then release every fear that blocks the reality from coming to surface.

Regardless of ending up with that person or also not, you need to explore and accept the possibility, and you will love without being afraid. Fear will keep you stuck, so reunion or some other possibility of such greatest good won’t have the ability to manifest in that low vibration.

Although there is that possibility on your mind, when you feel happy, no matter of it, you actually know you heal and also become stronger.

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